Why Would Somebody Wish to Get Cat Tattoos?

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Tattoos are becoming a common art form these days. Lots of people are doing it out of beauty while many are just for the fun of it. What was once a distinguishing mark for barbarians and criminals in the olden days now became an icon of enthusiasm and or emotion for most people.

Cats or parts of it are most likely one of the most sought after tattoo designs by both women and men. Some people desire to have a picture of a whole cat tattooed on their skin, while some choose to utilize a specific part, like a tail, paw, whiskers or just the stripes. While the meaning and reason why this kind of design was chosen will differ, listed here are a few of the possible reasons why a particular design is selected.

Cats have two distinct historical importances. In the ancient times, specifically for the Egyptians, cats are considered gods, guardians and are a symbol of wealth as they are mostly incorporated on ancient hieroglyphics and writings on the vases, walls and other significant ornaments on those times. In Medieval periods however, cats are linked to witchcraft, magic and misfortune. The young generation though, thinks cats as feline friends which are sweet and cuddly.

These differences put people who want to have cats as tattoos in a problem and wonder how people would react after seeing the design. This is particularly true because each individual has their own interpretation about cats in general. However, people who are cat lovers or those that simply like the look of a cat in their skin have the power to decide.

Many people want to have the whole animal drawn on their skin. If you are a girl who wishes to have a tattoo but still desires it to look sweet, you may have a curled up cute small house cat tattoo. A black panther making a walking or striking stance on a female will really look sexy and gives the idea of being sexy and warm. A ferocious feline on a manis back or arm will give a feeling of anger and ferocity.

For some other individuals, whiskers and paws along with tails may work perfectly if put on good locations anywhere in the body. A smooth cattail drawn from tailbone all the way up to the spine gives the impression of a cat living within your body. A paw, regardless of size, will always seem like a cat just gave you a pat or a standing hug.

Whatever a personis drive and inspiration for choosing to have a picture of a cat tattooed on his/her skin, it is always significant to remember that although tattoo designs may now visually and surgically removed, your skin and appearance will never be the exact same once you got a tattoo.

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