Why Hearing Loss Happens

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Hearing loss is one of the most widespread chronic health problems in the United States today. This is a condition that is very common among the elderly. Hearing loss conditions are common when it comes to millions of people in this country and they are often unaware of it. When hearing loss strikes, plenty of those who are affected fail to recognize the need to see a doctor.

It is common for those with hearing problems to be characterized as dumb, anti-social, and senile because they cannot act in the same way as other people. These people will ask you to repeat a statement that you have just made. Other than social withdrawal, most of the people who have hearing problems also tend to turn up the volumes on their television sets.

When hearing loss is conductive then it means that there is something blocking the outer or middle ear. When you have this kind of hearing loss, plenty of things might have caused it. Those who have this problem might have issues when it comes to a ruptured ear drum or a buildup of ear wax, fluid in the middle ear, infections, and the abnormal growth of the ear bones or otosclerosis. Louder than usual are the voices of those with conductive hearing loss but they hear sounds in their muffled form. Such a problem can be treated medically.

Considering sensorineural hearing loss, this is what is referred to as nerve deafness. In this condition sound waves reach the inner ear but are not properly converted into a signal that can be passed on to the brain. This is something that can affect anyone other than those who are old. Something like progressive nerve deafness or presbycusis is a condition that is apparent in the elderly.

Most of the time, drugs are potential causes for this. In the case of the inner ear, damaging it is easy. Distorted sounds come with the territory when it comes to sensorineural hearing loss and it is easier for the affected person to hear low pitched tones. You will be heard perfectly by the people with this particular problem but it will be a challenge for them to understand your statement.

When it comes to this, you cannot depend on any kind of surgery and this is why you should have a hearing aid. A hearing loss problem is not limited to a single type at a time. This pertains to mixed hearing loss. Damage is evident in the nerve centers within the brain when it comes to central hearing loss because sound signals cannot be processed by your brain.

If you feel as if your sense of hearing has changed, get a test done. This is what you need to tell whether or not you have a hearing problem. These tests may need to be done regularly if you are often exposed to noise. Only trust good doctors when it comes to this. This is where they will tell you to go to an audiologist if needed.

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