White Ink Tattoos Information

A lot of people shun getting tattooed on their body parts in plain view to the public so as to avoid troubles at work or the dirty looks from members of the public. Since they are hardly noticeable on the skin, white ink tattoos are the best technique in expressing a belief or interest in form of a tattoo without the said image being easily visible.

White tattoos are tattooed to the body by using white ink only. Since white ink can combine with the other inks under the surface of the skin, it is advisable not to put it extremely close to current colored tattoos. In white tattoos, the ink is thicker than the normal tattoo , and the ensuing design might appear raised on the surface of the skin.


tattoo has a tendency of showing up best on fair skin types. White ink on darker skins, might seem more translucent than opaque, and can look blemished or spotty on spotted skin.


Personal Intonation

tattoo allows you to convey a personal mantra or private message on your body and without anyone else capable of seeing it. For instance, if your mantra is “Maintain Your Health,” you can have this tattooed on the body as a memento to yourself thus avoiding the risk of embarrassment in case anyone gets to see it. Nevertheless, the message will come out as even more vital since it is made only for you.


Since a tattoo normally leaves a very light mark on the skin, it may often look like a scar or brand. Certain individuals have frequent tattoos containing distinctive company logos, showing everything from favorite cookie brands to gaming companies. You can get a white ink tattoo to efficiently brand your body without having to go through the painful procedure of actual scarification and branding. For instance, if you actually like a particular gym shoe company, obtain a tattoo of the company's emblem.

Supernatural Image

Tattoos gotten from are faint and hard to recognize with naked eyes, similar to the standard figure of a transparent ghost. Utilize this feature of and generate a tattoo highlighting a supernatural figure. For instance, you can obtain a white ink tattoo of an angel or a ghost. A tattoo presenting a supernatural image is a perfect way to show an interest in religion or scary movies. It increases the transparency factor of the supernatural image, since no one will be capable of knowing what the image is at the first look.


The cost of tattoo is almost the same as other tattoos. Pricing will depended of other standard factors like the size of the tattoo, effort and time used and the artist's mastery. Thus the average cost of tattoo can range from $60-$250 for a simple and smaller area that takes around 1-2hrs to perform

Get a white tattoo today to convey a personal message, express your loyalty to a particular company or display a ghostly image.

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