What Hearing Aids Can Do For You

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Found out you have hearing loss and dreading hearing aids? Don't–Modern digital hearing instruments could be the best thing to happen to you.

How long has it been since you have heard clearly, without missing much of a conversation?

Does your family complain that you are blasting them out of the house with your television volume settings?

Do you miss hearing your child or grandchild's laughter?

Digital hearing instruments may be right for you!

Digital technology in hearing devices allows for complete customization to a user's hearing loss, needs, desires, and lifestyle. Even the most basic of digital aids on the market today typically provide better listening for multiple listening situations (e.g., everyday quiet settings versus noisier environments).

Modern advances in technology and design have also allowed for sleeker, more streamlined designs. Stream lined equals small. Small equals practically invisible in many cases. For those who do not mind the attention, there are even bold designs available to fit your tastes.

Digital aids work by picking up incoming sounds via an external microphone port, processing that sound with a computer digital chip to suit the hearing loss, amplifying that sound, and then transmitting that sound faithfully to your ear!

Today's aids are discrete and there are many options available for treating hearing loss. With the help of a specialist you can improve your life and communication with those you love.

While these aids will not restore hearing to a “normal” level, they will provide much more information from your listening environment and make your ease of listening increase! Many who choose to go without amplification find themselves having greater and greater difficulty in communicative situations!

Persons experiencing great difficulty with communication may fake understanding, withdraw from conversation, or isolate themselves from their traditional social outlets to avoid feelings of embarrassment, anger, or frustration.

Why allow your hearing loss to rule your life when wonderful digital hearing technology is so readily available? Your local audiologist can perform a full evaluation and instrument candidacy assessment.

If you are determined to be a candidate for amplification, your options for style and design will be discussed. If a custom aid or ear mold is being created, an impression of your ear will need to be taken. This takes 10-20 minutes to complete. The impression will be sent to the manufacturer to create your custom aid or ear piece. Then, in no time, your aids will be back in and ready to create your custom aid or ear piece. Then, in no time, your aids will be back in and ready to help you hear better!

Lynn OBray Donohue Photo Dr. Lynn O’Bray-Donohue is a N.Y.S Licensed Audiologist and Hearing Aid Dispenser, and has been providing Audiologic Care at East End Hearing since 1987. She has been co-owner of East End Hearing, with her partner Dr. Michael Qualley, since 1991. She is often invited by civic organizations to speak on behalf of hearing loss and hearing aids. On a personal note, Dr. O’Bray-Donohue spends her free time reading, traveling and relaxing with her family. She lives in the local community with her husband and daughter.

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