What Are The Popular Girls Tattoos Designs?

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What do you think are the most popular girls tattoos designs? The number of girls who are getting tattoos has been on the increase over the years. There are hundreds of tattoo designs to choose for girls and the popularity of the designs vary based on the trends that are followed during that particular period.

However there are a number of popular girls tattoos designs that have managed to remain an all time favorite irrespective of the change in trends and fashion. Here is a list of tattoo designs that have remained popular over the years.

Flower tattoos for girls are one of the most popular choices. Each flower connotes a different meaning and as they are bright and colorful, most girls choose them as the first preferred choice. The design can be of a single flower or a bunch of flowers or flowers hanging from a vein. Girls prefer to place such tattoos on their arms and feet, breast and back, neck and ankle and on the belly.

The other popular choice is butterflies. These designs are often placed on the wrist and ankles and are usually small in size.

Zodiac sun sings have been an eternal favorite with girls. So depending on their birth date, girls may choose the sun sign that they represent.

Girls also love to have tattoos of their loved ones. This can be in the form of a name or a date (birth date, anniversary or engagement day).

Tattoos that are in the shape of the wing are also a popular choice. As these designs represent freedom and peace, they have managed to be a preferred choice. The size of this tattoo design may vary depending on the choice of the individual.

Designs of mythical creatures like dragons and Indian gods and goddesses tattoo designs are a preferred option.

Animal tattoos are also a popular choice and this can be in the form of animation or pictures of the pet.

Although all these designs are a preferred option for girls, it is important that their choice is guided by their individual preference and not by any trends that exist during that time. Trends have the habit of going and reappearing in repeated cycles and your tattoo design should withstand the test of time.

While most women tend to prefer smaller tattoos there are a number of enthusiasts who tend to cover their entire body in this art. The popularity of girls tattoos designs has been on the increase over the years and girls are getting tattooed at a very young age. A right choice of tattoo designs will be something that you will cherish forever.

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