Virus Caused Hearing Loss

One mother answered her son's question. On the table by his mother gave him quite a shock for it was a miracle. He saw his mother's hearing aid. In a span of 15 years, this was the first time she was able to hear her son's voice without any mechanical assistance.

Four thin needles were inserted on the mother's jaw and neck near the ears as they were inside a cubicle in an acupuncture center at this particular time. While on the medical examining table, you could see her curious smile. The mother assured that she was okay. Because voices were not raised, the mother was thought to have the aid on but it was there by the table.

The mother and son arrived in Washington from NY after a local paper ran a story about the center which used the traditional Chinese method of acupuncture to heal nerve deafness, they inserted thin needles into the body as part of the treatment. Most of the time, acupuncture is ideal for relieving pain but it is used to cure deafness here.

Using the term cure is only acceptable when referring to nerve deafness. It is possible to give audiometer findings before and after treatment. Out of the population with hearing loss 35 to 40 percent develop nerve deafness and this is the only condition treatable with acupuncture. Hearing loss when caused by diseases, punctured ear drums, and other things cannot be treated with the method.

One doctor responsible for the acupuncture treatments guards his patients against false claims about the procedure, his interest in the method grew when his family was exposed to it during a trip to Argentina. On the average, eight treatments would provide a 75 to 80 percent improvement. Age is attributed to the reduction in improvement. With children aged 7 to 12 we often get complete restoration of hearing. After the initial treatment, follow up sessions done within eight months to a year is valuable.

There for his tenth treatment was the US deputy undersecretary of labor for legislative affairs who was waiting outside for the other patients to finish their own sessions. Reports supplied by this young Montanan to the Administration consisted of precise and unemotional ones about the mood of Congress not to mention the chances for passage of legislation affecting the Labor Department. Hard of hearing is his left ear due to a virus attack in 1968. According to him the diagnosis he was given was that of nerve deafness but there was no cure. Nothing helped including the hearing aids he kept on using.

The way for him to handle the situation he thought was permanent was to shuffle people to his right side when they were speaking to him. But the hearing loss was distressing in such activities as hunting and there was a nagging fear of deafness in the other ear. When he read of the acupuncture center opening, he didn't believe in it. In this kind of treatment there is always room for skepticism. There was complete deafness in his left ear which the initial audiogram showed when he chose to give acupuncture a try nonetheless.

Having a phobia for needles did not help as a few of them were inserted in his body causing him to back out completely. As a result the audiogram machine started beeping. More treatments will be obtained if he sees improvements and so far there have been nine treatments with 70 percent of hearing regained.

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