Useful Information About The Latest Hearing Aids And How They Are Selected

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Many people in Australia suffer from hearing loss; in fact, statistics reveal that about 22 percent of people who are 15 years and above have hearing impairments. However, this is not a real problem in this modern age. Thanks to innovation and modern technology, you can now avail of the latest hearing aids that offer superior performance.

Hearing Aid Types

Hearing aids are nothing but a tiny amplification system. These devices can be classified into different types according to how its worn. This means they can be fitted inside or behind the ear. With digital technology, even the least expensive hearing device has advanced features. BTE or Behind-the-ear hearing aid is suitable for all people. This type has two other categories; the classic type and the open fit; the latter is helpful for mild to quite severe cases and if you cannot use an ear mould. Find the latest hearing aids of BTE which are actually very powerful. ITE or In-the-ear sits fully in the outer ear while the ITE or In-the-canal is fitted as the name suggests. This makes it discreet; however, they are only suited for cases that are mild-to-moderate. CIC or completely in the canal are very small and does not suit everyone.

Invisible Hearing Devices

The latest hearing aids are advanced devices that are invisible-in-the-canal. These IIC instruments use wireless technology offering outstanding performance. Clients can avail of a wide choice of brands with a few technological levels and price ranges. Some brands offer products that can be worn throughout the day for about two to three months. These revolutionary digital devices are custom-made and some of them can be programmed. They are very comfortable to wear and eliminates all whistling and buzzing sounds; it also filters background music. Sounds of high frequency are replicated into a lower sound, thus enhancing the audibility.

Considerations for Selecting the Device

Your ENT doctor will not prescribe just any device for you; although, the latest hearing aids are available, the doctor first checks your audiogram chart before helping you decide on the typeof aid you can choose. The size and shape of your ears are also noted. There are few points to be considered; if your hearing loss is profound, the receiver has to be big and powerful so that sufficient sound is produced. If your ear canals are narrow, then a small device can be fitted easily. A high-pitched hearing impairment is a sloping hearing loss for which a behind-the-ear aid is recommended. Therefore, the choice of the device is not entirely yours, rather a combined decision between you and the doctor.

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