Types Of Hearing Aid Devices Are Personal Choices

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In today's society a person can truly hear again because of hearing aid devices. There is no embarrassment, or chunky things to wear, nothing hurts anymore to wear for long periods of time, and there is no worries about constantly changing the batteries.

You cannot even tell a person is wearing one as they have become smaller and smaller. If one is worn on the outside of the ear, it also is barely noticeable. Ones that are placed inside of the ear are to mold and be soft, not hard like in the olden days.

There are many types of devices to help a person hear. The doctor has to determine the level of hearing loss and then which device would be the best option to fix the problem. The hearing loss can result from an accident, illness, or age. A person could be born with total hearing loss or lose it permanently because of an accident or illness.

These factors really are important and everyone's situation is very unique. It is not a basic one size fits all and only this can be done. It is differences in devices that can help solve the problems the ears need help with. All the hearing equipment now is digital. It is very rare to not find anything that is not.

The reason is these devices must communicate or talk to each other. This is done by using a microphone, a processor, a receiver, and a transmitter. A great example of this is a Cochelear implant. This is done surgically and is permanent. There is part of it placed under the scalp and part of it that is on top of the scalp.

Another type is CIC or Completely in Canal. This is very tiny and is totally hidden in a person's ear canal. This is actually designed for a person's ear canal and impressions are taken to collect sound. ITC or In The Canal are used by the ear canal and not in it actually. It is placed in the lower portion. Their size is about medium and will fit securely but it is easy to remove and insert. The battery is a longer life also.

ITE or In The Ear is placed on the outer ear. Their will be controls on the hearing device to help with the sounds, like a directional microphone for example. With the device being larger, it has a bigger battery. This allows it to have a larger receiver also. So, with deafness and larger amounts of hearing loss, this style is used.

There are many other types of hearing devices along with many different uses. Sometimes there will be a combination of things that will help with a special challenge to help solve the hearing loss with a better solution.

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