Try The Free Online Hearing Test Before it is Too Late

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Hear loss is something that threatens a lot of people as they grow old. As per government statistical figures, about 15% of American adults who are aged 18 years or more report trouble in hearing. As per the same report, about one third of people aged above 65 years have problems of hearing loss. Most of these hear loss cases (especially in young people) happen due to exposure to loud noise, or due to the usage of high frequency headphones to take phone calls or listen to music.

It is hence very important that as soon as you suspect any symptoms of hearing loss cropping up in your ears, you should get it checked. This checkup gets procrastinated most of the times as it requires a lot of time, effort and money to book an appointment with the doctor and then pay a visit to him.

Try online hearing test – its free

The good news is that now you can conduct a hearing test easily and free of cost sitting right at the comfort of your home. There are many free online hearing test US based websites on the internet that lets you test your hearing capabilities absolutely free of cost and without any hassle. Most of these online hearing tests take nothing more than 3 to 4 minutes and at the end of the test you would be able to understand the level your hearing capability and can take appropriate remedial or preventive measures to avoid the growing problem of hear loss.

What are the tests and how are they performed?

A hearing test basically tries to determine the person's ability to receive and make difference between sounds of different frequencies. Depending on which frequency sound is being heard by the ears, doctors could determine whether you have developed a hearing problem or are about to develop one. These online tests are similar to the physical tests that would be conducted by an audiologist as visit one.

While different websites have different formats, most of the Free Hearing Test Kentucky websites operate on a simple logic. You would be required to fill up a basic online form sharing your basic details like name, email or phone number. Post filling the online form, you would be taken to a webpage where there would be audio modules loaded. Each module would play a sound of varying frequency, usually ranging between 8 KHz to 20 KHz. If you can hear the shrill sound that gets generated ay 20 KHz frequency, you are one of those rare humans who have a divine hearing ability. It is recommended that you take the test with good quality headphones that keeps your ears enclosed totally so that you do not get distracted by any other noise from your surroundings.

Most middle aged humans can hear upto a frequency of 15 KHz. If you can hear the sound at that frequency while you conduct the test from a free online hearing test US based website, you are just good to go. If you are not able to hear below that, in most likeliness you are developing hearing problems and should consult medical experts without much delay.

A word of caution

You need to remember that the tests offered by the Free Hearing Test Kentucky websites are just an indicative test and does not ascertain that you have developed a hearing problem. It is always recommended that once you conduct these online hearing tests, and the results are not very encouraging, you consult a medical expert and get your ears checked properly. It is always better to take precautionary measures before any permanent damage happens to your hearing capabilities.

In 1967 Larson and Ruth Hudson had the opportunity to open a hearing aid office in Kentucky. They moved to the city of Bowling Green where they opened a Beltone store front office that primarily served Bowling Green and the surrounding counties utilizing in home visits along with service centers in local hotels.

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