Treating Infection of Digestive Tract Using Antibiotics

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After a fun filled weekend with friends which included camping and river rafting Katie was feeling very exhausted on Monday and didn't feel like reporting to work. She took it to be Monday morning blues and decided to get ready and go to office. However by afternoon, her condition worsened and she had fever and nausea accompanied with abdominal bloating and diarrhea.

She reported immediately to her GP and was very surprised to know that she had major bacterial infection of the digestive tract. The GP informed that had she not reported on time her condition might have deteriorated considerably due to spread of bacteria and resulted in hospitalisation. He gave her some antibiotics which controlled further spread of the infection and also advised her on practising some tips on general hygiene to prevent such occurrences in future.

  • Mommy's advice of keeping your hands clean goes a long way in protecting you from a number of bacterial infections. We don't even notice the surfaces we touch with our hands and then carry bacteria from them directly to our body by simple acts like biting nails, eating food without washing hands etc. One must always clean their hands with proper soap and water. This stops transfer of bacteria to our body.
  • Always follow basic food safety rules to prevent spread of bacteria by food. Never eat food products that have crossed the period of their shelf life or have been left in open for long. Always keep your kitchen and countertop clean. Clean and cook your food especially meat and poultry products thoroughly.
  • Drinking clean and treated water goes a long way in maintaining your overall health. Untreated or contaminated water might contain a host of pathogenic bacteria or parasites that might make you very ill. When going for outdoor picnic, trekking etc ensure you have stored enough clean drinking water for your use. Do not drink from rivers or streams unless they are declared safe for drinking by local authorities.
  • Always be careful with your beverages. Try to drink pasteurized milk, juice, and other beverages. The process of Pasteurisation kills harmful bacteria as the beverages are subjected to such high temperature range in which bacteria cannot survive.
  • Avoid touching hands of people who might be infected with similar bacteria. If the patient is not maintaining proper hygiene then chances are high you might be affected by same bacteria.
  • Pets can be a cause of serious bacterial infection. Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling your pet. Do not clean the pet cages or bowls with utensils used for family members. Keep pets away from cooking area as bacteria from pets can easily infect your food.
  • Digestive tract infections if not treated on time can lead to acute symptoms and can even become life threatening. Even the milder infections can be very bothersome and upsetting due to vomiting and diarrhea which lead to dehydration. You can order antibiotics cheap online for treating digestive tract infections. Always consult your general physician and get a most suitable antibiotics to buy in your given case. Always order antibiotics cheap online from a reliable pharmacy that supplies WHO standard medications at your doorstep.

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