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Of all types of body piercing, particularly in the ear, tragus ear piercing is probably one of the most common types across the world. This type of piercing got its name from a cartilaginous part of the ear where the pier will be punctured.

The process of this kind of piercing involves the use of tiny hollow needles particularly the 18 gauge. But in some instances, professional piercing artists may use curved needles to do this style. While doing the entire procedure, the person doing the piercing oftentimes may put cork in the opening of the ear canal to avoid entry of foreign material inside the ear.

Since the tragus is a relatively thicker part of an ear, the piercing professional may use reasonable force to ensure that the tragus will be punctured properly giving enough space to accommodate the tragus pierce. During the whole procedure, the person being pierced must remain still so as the person doing the procedure can focus and avoid further mistakes which can prolong the entire process and cause possible issues.

Unlike any other piercing style particularly the lobe type where the person having that pierce can only choose single style of jewelry, which is in most cases in circular form, it’s different in tragus ear piercing. With this kind of piercing, one can choose a wide array of choices that’s not limited only to a single style of pierce jewelry.

Advantages and disadvantages of tragus piercing


  • It is very cute and attractive, easily hidden and easily shown, and it doesn’t hurt much for most people, but bear in mind not everybody is the same and for some people it hurts. It is also a very unique piercing, they arn’t as common as other piercings, Ring or stud looks good!
  • Although it is still not proven, bu some people still believe that tragus piercings could benefit and help them to relieve migraine pain.


  • Basically, it just takes relatively longer time to heal strating from 6 months to one year. Also if you have short bar with a flat back, it may get hard to clean behind it. It’s a very hard area to pierce because of the amount of things that come in contact with it ie phones, hair brushes, your pillow while your sleeping. But with good care you should be able to nurse it well and have a wondering tragus piercing.
  • They’re really hard to change if you want different jewellery so make sure when you get it you chose jewellery that you wouldnt mind keeping in for a long time.

Watch the video below for some more info on pros and cons of the tragus piercing.

Word of caution about Tragus ear piercing

Since the tragus area in the ear is relatively thicker, having it punctured can be very painful and letting a non professional piercer handle the job will make it even more painful. So if you have decided to have this kind of piercing style you should at least know the pros and cons and decide if you can take the possible risk and the pain that’s involved in this kind of piercing. Remember that piercing should be a self-expression experience and it doesn’t have to.

Tragus ear Piercing types

Tragus ear piercing is devided into the following types:

by piercing type:

  • Single-sided tragus ear piercing
  • Double-sided tragus ear piercing

by piercing direction:

  • Vertical tragus ear piercing
  • Horizontal tragus ear piercing
vertical tragus piercing

Vertical barbell tragus ear piercing

horizontal tragus piercing

Horizontal tragus ear piercing

by number of piercings:

  • Single
  • Multiple
multiple tragus piercing

Multiple tragus ear piercing

Jewellery for Tragus ear Piercings

You can wear just about any kind of ring once this piercing heals but most people tend to stick with small barbells or tiny circular rings due to how small the area is. The best jewellery for your tragus ear piercing is:

  • barbell
  • curved barbell
  • ball closure ring
  • circular barbell
Circular barbell tragus piercing

Circular barbell tragus piercing

Ball closure ring tragus piercing

Ball closure ring tragus ear piercing

Curved barbell tragus piercing

Curved barbell tragus ear piercing

What is the difference between tragus and anti-tragus ear piercings?

difference between tragus and anti-tragus piercings

difference between tragus and anti-tragus piercings

Tragus ear piercing procedure

  • This type of piercing is one of the most painful, so anesthesia will help to minimize the discomfort of the customer;
  • At the time when the needle exits from the cartilage, piercing master should be extremely careful not to damage the wall of the auditory canal;

Tragus ear piercing needs some more pressure from the piercer, since the tragus is harder than other parts of the body. The ear canal should better be plugged in with a cotton wool, to prevent blood getting into. You are advised not to try this piercing yourself at home as it can lead to severe complications. You can watch the video of the piercing process down below on this page.

Specific complications of Tragus ear piercing

  • At the moment of puncture, there’s a potential for serious injury, with a decrease or loss of hearing;
  • The use of large jewelry for tragus ear piercings may lead to the weakening of hearing;

One of the setbacks to tragus ear piercings is that area of the ear is often used to hold earphones, however there are many earphone designs that you can experiment with to find your perfect fit. For this reason a captive bead ring, the most common tragus ear piercing, is recommended. Circular rings are also used, but the smaller the better and the more chic your piercing will look.
Tragus ear piercing healing time: 6-18 months depending on the type.

The history of Tragus ear piercing

In the history we found no records about this kind of piercing origin, and it is considered a “young” piercing.

Tragus ear piercing price

An average price for tragus piercing in the United States range from $30 up to about $50. Although,  In Europe average cost of the tragus piercing procedure is €30 – 40. Some more experienced piercers will charge more but $50 dollars is usually the cut-off price.

Tragus ear piercing videos

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