Toxic Household Clean Supplies

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You won't believe the news about Toxic Household Clean Supplies.

Do you know what toxic household clean supplies are in your home?

When you pick up product at the local grocery store, most of us like to think we are getting something that has been tested and proven to be safe. However we pick up toxic household clean supplies every time we visit the grocery store.

One lady switched her home to all natural cleaners and put the toxic household clean supplies out for the trash men to take. They left it on the curb said it was Toxic Waste.

Scientists and doctors have discovered that there is a connection between our health and the use of common everyday household chemicals. If yours is the typical home, you probably use dozens of toxin household clean supplies and personal care products, purchased from the grocery store, which contain chemical ingredients that could be harmful to your health and the health of your loved ones.

In the early 1900's the cancer incidence rate was about one in fifty. Today in the US, one in three women and one in two men will suffer with cancer some time in their lives. Cancer is the number two killer of adults and the leading cause of death from disease in children. The incidence of central nervous system disorders like Alzheimer's and Multiple Sclerosis increase annually. Many studies have linked at least a portion of this to toxic household clean products.

In the year 2000, 17 million children in America were taking Ritalin so they could set still long enough to learn to read and write. Ritalin is a “Class 2” narcotic. What could be wrong? Why do we need such a powerful drug to help control our children's behavior? Most veteran teachers will tell you that the increased use of Ritalin is not the result of an increased awareness in ADD, as some would argue, but an increase in the in the actual number of cases.

Home is where you are most likely to be exposed to toxic chemicals. After all, you spend 80 to 90% of your time indoors, most of that at home. This fact is important when your understand that in one of five year study, the EPA found that airborne chemical levels in homes were as much as seventy times higher inside than outside.

Happily, there is a simple solution to the problem presented in this article. Some conscientious companies now offer household products that are safe and more natural, Most of these people-friendly and environmentally sensitive product work just as well or better than grocery store brands, and in many cases, actually cost less.

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I am the mother of four all girls. Over the years I have experienced skin rashes, coughs, and allergies. Ten years ago I changed my cleaning and personal house cleaner to non-toxic house household clean products. I have seen my family become healthier, and less susceptible to cold and allergies.

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