Things to Remember while Choosing Hearing Aids for Your Kids!

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The problem of inability to hear properly is not restricted to age and one can see its adverse effects on kids too. Thus, it becomes the prime concern for the parents of such kids to be very well aware of the type of hearing aids they are choosing. As a parent, you must be aware how well the chosen device will help your ward. Also, you must know how to operate the device as children won't understand it in an effective manner.

Working of hearing aids

These devices come with amplifiers, volume control, a microphone, a battery, and many other components. As the sound enters the microphone it gets built up by the processor and is then directed to the person's ear via the device. All these devices are molded precisely as per the shape of the ear, therefore you will have to get it replaced as your kid grows. These devices are perfect for kids as young as four weeks.

Understanding the child's needs

As it is concerning the kids, the whole responsibility of the hearing aids will be on you and your audiologist. You must be pretty aware what exactly the child needs. If the child is quite young, he or she apparently won't be able to set the device on their own and will always need your help. Under such a situation, you have to ensure that you are capable of monitoring and adjusting the device. As the child grows older, there will be more sophisticated auditory tests conducted and hearing aids will be adjusted accordingly.

Behind-the-ear model

The behind-the-ear or BTE model is the most common type of hearing aids used by the kids. Most of the audiologists recommend this as it can entertain various ear sizes, and can also be fixed as the child grows up. It can be cleaned easily and also can assist with many of the auditory losses. This device is more comfortable for children as it is made of a soft material.

The device will be set by your audiologist based upon the results of your child's listening tests. Out of the many methods of fitting, one is known as the real ear measurement. This provides a more precise fit and more impeccable performance.

Benefits of hearing aids

If you thought that wearing hearing aids can affect your child's language and speech skills then you don't have to worry about it. Your child can still develop the same effectively without facing any hindrance. To reap the maximum benefit of hearing aids, you must make your child wear them regularly and if possible teach them the way to operate and take care of them.

Kids suffering from partial deafness must wear hearing devices and the younger a child starts with it, the less resistant he or she turns about using them. Help your kids choose the right device and let their ability to hear stand flawless!

Adnan Hafiz is owner of Global Hearing, a Melbourne based Hearing Clinic that provides hearing aids and free hearing test in Melbourne.

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