The Volume Matters a Lot in Losing Your Hearing

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You will hear it pronounced with the accent on the first syllable, but sometimes you will hear the accent on the second syllable and the I sound longer. They call it misery, because the sounds in one's head never cease night or day. You will not find the source but tinnitus has a whirring that goes on and on.

Sufferers have come up with their own description of the sound that bugs them. While mine is a whirring sound, others have clanging or roaring sounds. There is even a tinnitus complainant that I know who describes his tormenting sounds like the bullet train in Japan.

Everyone wishes for technology to reach the point of having a real cure for this disease. As we wait, more and more sufferers start to give up and decide to end their lives. Three past patients of an audiologist in Huntingdon were reported to have committed suicide because of severe misery.

The concerning part according to the audiologist is that young people are damaging their ears by feeding them with loud rock sounds. I do not think it is the music per se. Just hit the right volume and you can catch it even with ballad songs.

There was one party that I attended which happened to be in a low ceilinged place where I had to stuff my ears with cotton. This had marked the start of the mind blowing sounds and I sought help from a doctor for medication. I hated the pill he gave because it accompanied the diagnosis of tinnitus and that it will be part of my life forever. It is important that kids know how difficult tinnitus is for them to take advice on listening habits seriously. There is a shocking level of noise that pierces our ears nowadays.

Hearing loss will not be apparent in the younger years but faulty listening habits will haunt you as you grow old. Scientific scholars get more and more convinced that this generation's listening lifestyle will help you have a foresight of how their hearing will be in their latter years. The test conducted on college freshmen came out with 6 out of 10 ratio of hearing challenged kids and helped prove that loud music is a major participant.

Even newborns appear to be especially prone to inner ear damage because of strong noises and may end up having brain cell loss, according to a reliable researcher. Loud low frequency sounds such as uncovered jet engines and chain saws are prohibited for newborns, according to him. Researchers in Sweden have cautioned that noisy toys also may harm hearing. Squeaky rubber squeeze toys should not be held close to the ears because it can be as bad as a chain saw noise when it comes to effect.

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