The Reasons Why You Must go For a Sanskrit Tattoo

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One may ask, “When there is a galaxy of options with respect to tattoo designs, why are Sanskrit tattoo designs acclaimed in the tattoo arena with a specially distinguished place?” There are five reasons why Sanskrit tattoos are very special and have captured the attention of tattoo lovers across the globe.

1. Sanskrit proudly cherishes an ancient History

Sanskrit is today considered by linguists as one of the oldest languages that emerged on this earth. The date of origin of this classical language goes back to much earlier than 1,500 BC. Some of the eminent language scholars like Heinrich Roth, Johann Ernst Hanxleden and Sir William Jones opine that Sanskrit was the Mother of all languages. Most modern languages spoken today in the Indian subcontinent have their roots in this classical language. In addition, a number of Asian and European languages too seem to have been influenced by Sanskrit.

Besides boasting of a deep history stretching into a distant past, Sanskrit too shares a number of advanced concepts in the arena of computer science. The Backus-Naur Form that is widely used to develop modern computer languages has a number of parallels with the Sanskrit grammar expounded by Panini, the renowned ancient scholar. It is the accomplishment of this linguist that has kept Sanskrit in its pure form even after a passage of about 3,500 years.

2. Rich Mythologies that have inspired wonderful designs

Similar to other classical languages including Greek, Latin, and Norse, Sanskrit too is proud of a rich mythology. A number of stories pertaining to gods and popular heroes, superhuman accomplishments and legendary acts have been recorded in this classical language. For instance, the largest epic of the world Mahabharata has over 24,000 verses. On the other hand, epic Ramayana is twice bigger than the Iliad and Odyssey put together. The wealth of this rich mythology has inspired a galaxy of tattoos.

If you would like a big, unique and complex tattoo design like dragons, tiger and phoenix, you can always think about tattooing a scene from the Mahabharata or Ramayana?

3. Sanskrit is a spiritual language and has been evolved for mystic purposes. There are inspiring slogans and quotes in this classical language that are popularly used by a number of renowned organisations.

4. Sanskrit designs are easy to tattoo since this is a highly structured language.

5. Since Sanskrit letters and designs are flexible, you can find an artistically attractive tattoo design of varying sizes for any part of your body.

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