The Rare Kind – Water Allergy

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You must have heard of various kinds of allergies. There are so many people suffering from various kinds of this disease. It could be caused by many different and diverse reasons such as flowers, pets chocolates and other food items, eatables such as oranges and pineapples that are high in their content of citric acid, so on and so forth. However there is another kind of allergy that you might most probably not be aware of. And this one is caused due by water It is mainly the minerals and fluoride present in its contents that causes such problems.

In spite of its nature of being a life giver and a supporter of the same, there are not many persons on the planet who are undergoing this form of the ailment. As a result of this, common activities such as washing the hands after meals or otherwise, bathing as such other activities where it is involved can bring about repulsive effects upon their body.

  • Although 70% of the physical system of ours contains H2O, this sickness causes many effects in the form of having a sensation of itchiness over sensitive parts of the body such as the neck, under the chin, over the face and on the skin as well. As a matter of fact, the way it works is that there are body developments in the form of rashes and scratches all over the skin in case the hydrant comes in contact with their surface.
  • It is unlikely that a person has heard of such kind of troubles as this disorder is a very rare kind and has very few people who have contracted it and living with it. Hence, as it's rare to come across such a person, it becomes all the more necessary to learn and realize the precautions and methods that can be followed so as to keep these backfiring reactions on the body away.

The following are the ways to treat people suffering from water allergies:

  • Very obviously water has to be avoided by them to the largest extent that they can. This means that they cannot afford to go into, or for that matter even close to a swimming pool even if it is found to be enjoyable by the person. Other such bodies like beaches and mini pools should be avoided.
  • Activities where the life-giver is involved must be kept away. This means that they cannot carry out chores such as watering the plants, cleaning the vessels, drying wet clothes or even washing the car or bicycle.
  • During the rains they cannot afford to get wet in it.
  • They need to avoid things such as experiencing bathing in a waterfall, going whitewater rafting. They hence have to stay away from activities such as river crossing too. Other such places that have lakes should not be visited.
  • Showers should be warm and last very short.
  • They must also avoid crying due to tears being produced due to it.

There are no permanent solutions to water allergy yet.

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