The Noise Induced Hearing Loss and Its Prevention

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Hearing loss is mostly observed in the aged people. The people aged more than forty years are prone to hearing loss most. Basically, there is no specific age limit to suffer from hearing loss. You might suffer from the disease from lower ages. Now-a-days, the hearing loss have been happened to everybody more than the ratio of the previous age. There are lots of reasons behind this. Working zone might be prone to high sound. There are some works which produce high sound. On the other hand, the modern trend of listening music by playing a loud speaker and ear-phones affects ferociously to the hearing system of men. The statistics says that out of six persons in United States of America are suffering from hearing issues.

There are different kinds of reasons for hearing loss. One of them is NIHL or Noise Induced Hearing Loss. This occurs so silently that hearing loss will attack you without your conscience. You will understand the symptoms after reaching the impact of the hearing loss so much. At the very beginning, the sufferers gradually report to increase the volume level of the TV or radio. They claim that they are feeling difficulty of understanding the speech in the presence of so much background noise. When the hearing loss looms large on the person, he cannot participate with normal conversation as he is not able to understand all that the other person is speaking. People basically remain unaware of hearing loss of high frequency. It can be detected only after the proper hearing test. This gradually decrease of hearing loss only occurs for them who stay for a long time in high sound. Sometimes, sudden blast of a thing with a high sound may create permanent hearing loss also.

Among all other hearing loss issues, NIHL indicates some issues with which you can identify that this is caused by high sounds.

  • You will not be able to hear the normal conversion if the other person remains more than three feet away.
  • You might feel pains in the ear.
  • You might have sense of buzzing sound or tinnitus after coming out of the exposure of high sound.
  • You will understand that people are speaking; you will get some sound but will not understand their conversation.

As the NIHL is not the disease caused in a day, you have to be alert for all your life span. It is obviously a preventable disease. Though, normal hearing remains with a person about the age of 60 years, who does not work in a noisy area. The average age is calculated by forty. The hearing loss for the aging process cannot be prevented but the hearing loss occurred by NIHL can be prevented if you follow the said precautions.

If you have to work in a high-sounding area, you have to personally take precautions. And you should apply to the company for OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

  • The lower exposure of noisy activities is advised.
  • Wear hearing protection or ear plugs by measuring the noise produced in your industry.
  • Turn down the loud speaker set and volume level of TV, radio, etc.
  • Avoid medications that are dangerous for your ears.

Thus, you can prevent the issues of NIHL and lead a healthy life.

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