The Most Popular Ladies Tattoos

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Flower tattoos are probably the most widely spread girls' tattoo designs. They are widely spread among girls and women of all ages. These tattoos show feminine beauty and elegance and always look lovely. Of course flowers can be met in men tattoos too, but there they are mainly ornamental elements of big complicated tattoo designs. For women flower tattoos became a kind of jewelry that is ever on them and can be worn everywhere. Flower tattoos really decorate women's bodies, but it is not the only their role. These tattoos always have deep meanings, as well as flowers are important symbols in all cultures. That's why choosing a flower tattoo images you should know what this flower symbolizes. Rose tattoo images are perhaps the most well-known flower tattoos because roses are believed to be kings' flowers.

This flower ever show love, passion and beauty. But at the same time roses have sharp thorns, so they are beautiful but far from being helpless. That's why rose tattoo designs also have ambiguous sense. They ever accent women's beauty and style but at the same time power. Red roses are often associated with passion and even sometimes with blood. In earlier times roses were used on many heraldic and were noble flowers. In Japan rose is associated with tenderness and pride. In Egypt roses were sacred, because they were used in Isis mysteries. Here they symbolized love and desire. In ancient Greece roses were also used in rituals. On the whole, roses have deep symbolic sense in many cultures, maybe that's why rose tattoo designs are so pops allover the world. But the color of rose in the tattoos is especially important. Red roses are the most popular. They show desire and passion. Such tattoos also accent completeness and are in the main used by women. Pink and gold roses are more pops among young girls. Pink is associated with love, juvenility and romantic. Gold is the color of perfection. Though thee no blue roses in nature, they are pop tattoo designs. Blue roses are mainly made by creative, gifted people, artists and writers. They are the symbol of dreams and unnatural beauty. Person with such tattoos often disregard set society norms and long for freedom.

Such tattoos emphasizes their originality and singularity. All rose tattoo images look supreme and reveal the nature and individuality of their owners. Lily's tattoo designs are also pop. Lily is very beautiful and wonderful flowers. Since the ancient times there were many legends linked with white lilies. But lily tattoo images also can have ambiguous sense. That's because the meaning of lily symbol differs a lot from culture to culture and has changed much with time. In ancient times lilies were admired. They were thought to be the most amazing flowers and many legends about lilies were created then. But in Christianity lilies were related with purity and religion beliefs. In Greece they were associated with love and fecundity. Lilies were sacred because it was thought that they grew from the milk of goddess. In Egypt lilies tattoos were made since ancient times. They symbolized prosperity and fertility. Flowers always were admired, because they are among the most amazing things in the world. The beauty of women is often compared to flower and flower tattoo designs are the most pops tattoos for girls. Flower tattoos accent the femininity, elegance and beauty of their owners and at the same time carry deep meaning and reveal the originality and person's nature.

I am Johny and I am a memeber of Designs Tattoo centre for approximately three years, making people unusual tattoo designs. I know thousands of popular tattoo images and their meanings. I’ve already helped a great number of people to design individual tattoos and I am fon of my work.

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