The Kind Of Contributors That Cause Hearing Loss

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When it comes to our places of work not to mention our daily activities, there are various reasons behind noise induced hearing loss and this is growing to be one of the most rampant conditions in the world today. The cost is equivalent to countless man hours lost to industry and workers, untold personal suffering and hardship among those who are affected. What the president of an optical company talked about in detail was this problem. Now holding a position when it comes to the personal protective equipment business, this company once made the lenses for the first industrial safety goggles in this country back in 1909. It was through a hearing and speech center that this company was able to test the hearing skills of about 43 musicians which were about 22 years of age. These musicians were in trouble when it comes to a loss of hearing.

Most of their fans probably have hearing loss too. Sound levels at rock concerts and discotheques have been measured up to 130 decibels, equal to the scream of a jet fighter's engine, capable of causing irreversible damage. The youth is also susceptible to hearing loss because of excessively loud music players. Musicians and industry workers alike are now huge fans of protective ear plugs.

You have something to take note of here. As many as 16 million industrial workers are estimated to be exposed to harmful noise. People who cater to paper products, airlines, textiles, lumber and wood, primary metals, and fabricated metals in terms of industries suffer the most from noise exposure.

You are risking man hours when it comes to something like this. You can expect some of your workers to stay away from work. On most occasions, the unbearable noise can cause a worker to leave.

Regular compensation payments can be costly when it comes to the industries. Workers who file noise induced hearing loss claims can get huge settlements out of it. In some cases, temporary deafness is the first symptom and then it is followed by slurred speech patterns and the inability to converse well with others and of course, there is a ringing in the ears. Getting tested regularly is an important consideration to make here.

The new Occupational Safety and Health Act provide the national standards for how much noise a worker can stand and for how long. According to the Walsh Healey Act of 1969, people should only have to withstand 90 decibels of sound. This is something that is existent in government facilities.

People who work for interstate commerce are covered by this. There can be plenty of workers who do not have to risk their sense of hearing if companies will be willing to provide them with essential modern hearing protection equipment. Finding a solution when it comes to something like this is essential if the workers are to be protected.

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