The Importance of Ear Protection in the Music Shows

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One of the most precious photographic moments one will witness at a music event or festival is that of a young child sitting on their parent's shoulders with earmuffs over their little ears. The question that comes to mind is, at what age will it be safe for the kids to take those earmuffs off? The answer: never, really. Exposure to loud noise can damage one's hearing at any age. It is great to see that many parents are wise enough to take measures to conserve their children's hearing, but most attendees, and even a good percentage of the event staff who work these loud noise events, often fail to care for their own hearing in these situations.

Media exposure is covered mainly by photographers and reporters at music festivals, concerts and club venues. The last thing most of the reporters and photographers appear to be concerned with is protecting their hearing. At electronic music events, the main photographic subject is the DJ, so the photographers spend a great deal of time on stage. From the DJ and photographer's perspective, the sound levels coming from the crowd noise pack quite a punch. When you then factor in the high volume music that is blasting from the main stage speakers, the potentially damaging impact to one's hearing is substantial. For the attendees and staff that position themselves in front of those large sound speakers, the potential damage over the course of a single event may be significant and permanent.

The DJs are also subjected to sound monitors. Sound monitors are speakers positioned toward the DJ booths so the DJs can monitor what the crowd is hearing. One can quickly see how a professional DJ, photographer or event staff is at high risk for hearing damage if the proper hearing conservation measures and precautions are not taken, so it is essential for musicians to wear Ear Plugs for Musicians to protect their hearing. If you are a music club fanatic, a music festival junkie or work in the music business, sufficient hearing protection should be your number one priority.

With every passing year and with every music festival or conference, ear plugs and hearing protection are becoming more and more popular. The recent media coverage of the Miami Music Conference 2011 by Resident Advisor (.net) demonstrated that everyone, from the beautiful people dancing the night away to the organizers and staff of the event, are now more aware of the benefits of hearing protection than ever before and are using some style of earplugs. If you work in the music industry or plan on attending a potentially loud music event in the near future, protect your hearing with a good set of earplugs. You'll have a better, more enjoyable AND safer music experience and be able to hear the music for many years to come.

There are different types of earplugs available in the market for different usage. There are easy to fit custom-made earplugs also available which are very comfortable to fit in the ears. Why you are waiting for just go to nearest drugstore or pharmacies to get a pair of earplugs to protect your hearing.

Pete has worked as a consultant in the hearing health industry for 25 years. Having vast experience with Ear plugs. The author has published numerous articles in an effort to help increase hearing health awareness.

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