The Cure For Tinnitus Condition

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Just listen if you can. Tinnitus, the ringing, roaring or hissing in the ears that are often the first sign of noise induced hearing loss, is becoming more common in our increasingly high volume society. Out of the 50 million cases of tinnitus, 12 million of those are severe in the US based on the American Tinnitus Association.

It is young adults that mostly develop tinnitus according to the head of audiology services at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey University Hospital in Newark, because teenagers generally love listening to loud music.

For those with severe tinnitus, the torment can leave them unable to work or sleep, can ruin relationships, and in rare cases can drive them to have their hearing surgically destroyed or to commit suicide as per recent documented cases. Prevention definitely is the best medicine for tinnitus, according to specialists because the chance to completely treat this kind of condition is very little.

The patient with tinnitus should immediately see a doctor because this is the initial sign that chronic exposure to loud noise is damaging the hearing system. The main reasons for tinnitus remained to be unknown until 1996, wherein a survey of association members came about which gave the most common causes of this kind of condition.

If ears are exposed to excessive noise continuously or even such noises like gunshots or explosions, it is said to be that 18 percent of tinnitus cases compose of those noises. Other causes for tinnitus are composed of the following and their respective percentages head injury for 3.1 per cent, 12 per cent, effects of medication for 5.6 per cent, illnesses such as thyroid and blood pressure problems for 5.1 per cent and whiplash for 1.4 per cent. The audiologist says that the remaining percentage which causes tinnitus may come from overlooked exposure of the ears to extreme noises.

Scientists explained that the two possible causes of the effects explained earlier may be developed in the part where hearing is processed, which is the misfiring in the nerve bundles that carry electrochemical signals from the inner ear to the brain's temporal lobe, or may have developed from the part where auditory nerve passes from ear to the front of the brain, which is signal firing in the brain stem. Surprisingly, many common items are louder than the 85 decibel level above which tinnitus or hearing loss can occur with chronic exposure.

Noisy children, jets taking off and rock concerts very much contributes to the 85 decibel level. To others, treatment for this is as simple as cleaning the ears and freeing it from ear wax and discontinuing the intake of medicines which may be causing the problem. As for those medicines, it is that over 200 drugs are considered to produce side effects of tinnitus, both prescription and over the counter.

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