The Causes of Hearing Loss

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Ear phones are worn snugly as people carrying portable music players walk past her everywhere she goes day in and day out. One senior at Chicago University comments on how they are widespread as she herself has an iPod for when she studies or hits the gym. Sadly they fail to recognize how many people their age have already damaged their hearing. When it comes to portable music players and similar devices attached to the ears, only the worst can be expected as feared by the researchers.

From an Indiana university is a director of clinical education in audiology who says that the growing usage for such devices has increased rapidly as compared to the past. Devices like these are now listened to not only when people take a jog. The youth is seen by him to have pairs of ears suited for old people. Students were randomly examined by him and a few colleagues and the results turned out to be an affirmation of how noise induced hearing loss has affected plenty of these youngsters. Such a loss of hearing applies to higher frequencies and it can be the reason behind a mild ringing in the ears or even the failure to follow conversations when a place in particular is somewhat noisy.

According to the specialists, those around 30 to 40 years of age do not only suffer from more pronounced tinnitus but can also find themselves developing problems with internal ringing, buzzing, or whooshing sounds in their ear. The director of a hearing center at a children's hospital in Houston, who's treating more of this age group now says it may be that they're seeing the tip of the iceberg now. As said, more cases like this will cause no alarm whatsoever.

A person who goes to a loud concert or a noisy club is as susceptible to noise induced hearing loss as a person who uses firearms or even power tools. Other than listening to music, doctors say that most people also use headphones today to avoid any ambient sounds from the streets and public transportation. Anything can be detrimental to hearing.

Without you knowing a hearing loss problem can simply attack. For an otologist in Minnesota, other than taking a long period of time to find out it also needs prolonged exposure. When you leave a noisy place and experience ringing ears then you probably have some damage done. If you rest your ears, they might recover, at least partially doctors say. Still, prolonged exposure can lead to the hairs in the inner ear to become damaged and they are necessary for good hearing.

Another reason behind the excessive exposure of people when it comes to portable music players is that rechargeable batteries allow for extended listening time, says a children and hearing audiologist from a Northern Colorado university. Volume levels can reach the roof and this causes even more problems for the ears. 25 percent of people who have portable stereos expose themselves to excessively high noise levels that can cause ear damage, as based on the survey published by the national acoustic laboratories in the summer. When a person goes over the safe levels for listening volumes, the research of Britain's royal national institute for deaf people shows that the probably age of this individual is between 18 and 24.

How much is too much? After careful study several researchers at a children's hospital in Boston determined the safe level of portable music player usage is about an hour a day at a 60 percent volume level. People can resort to moving away from loud noises or using ear plugs when at work or in play in order to protect their hearing, as experts advise.

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