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Ever day-dream about how you could potentially make an amazing music video your band could broadcast to the world ? That thought has occurred to many people in bands these days. Some have even tried to take action to help make that happen. Most just look at it briefly, then dismiss the idea. Sometimes it is because they do not know where to start. In other cases it is because the main idea may be a huge unknown area. Sometimes they drop the idea because they think that they can't do it.

Let's just hang on here now. We looked over lots of negatives at the start of this, all the why nots. Let's consider three reasons why should you make a music video for your band.

Firstly, for the positive side, let me mention that it's a lot easier then you could possible be imagining it being right now. Trust me. O.K., I hear your objection, that you don't know video editing software or how to put together any kind of legitimate video. It is a valid objection, I agree. However, let me bring to your attention the point that these days, software makes it effortless to put together amazing videos. It really does all the work for you! You don't even need to install the software to your home computer at all, you can do it all through a common web browser.

Second, you should think about that exposure that a music video will bring to your band. How many times do you you tell people about it, and want to send them something cool. Not just an mp3 that they half listen to, but something that engages them visually. Also, by putting it on the web, people are more likely to find you. Think about that! People approach you about your music. And we're talking fans first.. As well as, people looking to book shows and gigs.

Third and ultimately, you'll get credibility. Which screams that your band rocks even to complete strangers. And, moreover, on top of that, you will feel more like an artist then you have before!

If you think about it, you can really benefit from making a music video for your band.

Now, after all that, what do you say? Perhaps you should make a music video for your band now ?

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Sammy loves tattoos and music. I’m either writing about one or the other. It’s my world and I absolutely love it.

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