Tattoo Removal For Kelly Osbourne

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It was reported around a year and a half ago that Osbourne wanted to get some of her identifiable inkings removed. She wrote in a magazine column about the special meaning behind some of the tattoos, for instance the matching tattoos she and her brother share, but admitted that some of the others were a mistake. A classic case of teenage rebellion.

But having taken various acting roles for which the tattoos were covered up with make-up, Osbourne commented: “I can't say I missed them!” The two tattoos that she is particularly unhappy with are the keyboard on her forearm and a small heart and cross bones on her wrist. Although stating in 2010 that she was due to start tattoo removal as soon as she could find time, it is only now that she seems to have committed to it. Last Friday, Osbourne tweeted from a tattoo removal clinic in the US: “Sat in a room waiting to have my first tattoo removal consultation looking at this huge laser machine!” In response to the tweet, Osbourne received a message of support from friend and fellow celebrity Lily Allen, saying that she has had tattoo removal performed and opted for a local anaesthetic to reduce any pain that may have occurred during the procedure.

Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding gets new tattooAfter much publicised difficulties coping with apparent alcohol and drug addiction problems, Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding has emerged with a new tattoo. Having split from her fiance last September, the singer has confirmed she has battled with a drink problem as well as a four year addiction to sleeping pills.

Following a break-up with a new boyfriend over the New Year period, Harding has emerged with what some are calling an inspirational and empowering tattoo. The script on Harding's back reads: 'Don't be Bitter – Glitter' suggesting the need for a fresh start for 2012.

The Daily Mail readers, however, took a different view in a poll about the new inking. Asked whether or not they liked Harding's new tattoo, 15% opted for 'Yes – it's unique and eye-catching' while 85% think that she will regret it when she's older. Harding underwent tattoo removal on a small tattoo on her back a few years ago amid an 'image revamp' as she launched various solo projects.And finally…

Richard Ashton, a 27 year old of dual British-Australian citizenship, has revealed a huge tattoo of his passport details on his back. The traveller got the tattoo as a reminder of his backpacking holiday but when he ran out of cash in Australia, he was apparently able to withdraw $50 from a bank using his tattoo as identification. However, passport and immigration officials, we suspect, would take a much dimmer view of someone trying to enter the country on a tattooed passport!

The Laserase Promise is a stamp of approval that is only given to clinics throughout the UK who are specialists in tattoo removal.

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