Tattoo Contest

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Without a doubt, tattoos have different values for different people. While some love to tell stories of the time they've spent on their ink, others have only a few small, non flashy badges of honor they wear proudly. Some follow trends, some set trends. Each and everyone piece, from the good to the bad, is open to the public's comments. This gives all those who have joined this “club” a common bond.

One of the most interesting activities for me growing up was to ask the various people I knew who had plenty of ink what their favorite tattoos were. Very rarely were the answers I received expected. The sentimental, the spiritual or the rest in peace tattoos were common answers. They held honorable and cherished memories that the wearers found important enough to sink into their skin for life.

I found most often that some of the first ink those guys and gals received, even when they were old, faded or stretched beyond their original shapes and sizes, were still the most cherished pieces of art they had. And with some of the incredible ink out there, this never really ceases to amaze me.

I will be holding a skin art contest for readers! This contest comes complete with a prize! Please check back for more information on the prize but until then I would like any readers to send me a photo of their tattoos. Please make sure that:

* The photo is high quality for detail * The photo is of the tattoo that has the most value to YOU, the wearer * You tell me in 5 sentences or less WHY this tattoo is above and beyond the most valuable piece you wear! * You include your first name and where you live, state or country is fine!

The rules for judging this contest will be as follows:

* How unique the art is * The short story behind the ink

The tattoo contest winner will be posted on the site along with a special post relating to their tattoo! Some of the story behind the tattoo will be in the post as well. So feel free to explain fully if you need to. I will shorten it to acceptable size when I post!

Please email all tattoo pictures to inkorart at gmail dot com

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