Symptoms, Causes and Precautions to Control Lactose Intolerance

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It is really hard to find a trucker who does not maintain dedication and commitment towards their profession. Serving the nation as per the norms is essential and truckers do follow them without cribbing about anything. However, life as a trucker is not as we speak here. Too many complications, too many ups and downs… Still, trucker controls their rage of frustration and deliveries are done on time.

Health issues are many if we mention, among them, lactose Intolerance is one other immune issue, covering 75% of human across the globe. There are chances for truckers to be in the list.

Immune issues do come up any day, any time and they are far different from allergies. Lactose intolerance is one such inability to digest lactose and causes lactose deficiency. The sugar found in milk or lesser extent milk-derived daily products cannot be digested by effected people and result in:

  • Bloating
  • Cramps
  • Diarrhea
  • Painful gas
  • Nausea

However, each person tolerates a certain amount of lactose, which reflects on the symptoms and how severe they are accordingly. Some enjoy the privilege of having lactose in large amount before discovering the symptoms and others are too sensitive to a small portion of lactose-containing food. Among the lot, there are high chances for one of the lactose intolerance to be a trucker. If there is any one, precautions should be taken, maintain diet plans subscribed by the family physician.

What foods need to avoid if you fall in the category:

Well, lactose is richly found in milk and ice cream products. It also includes food with dry milk solids, milk byproducts and non-fat dry milk/powder or whey, including:

Breads and baked goodsCandyCerealsSalad dressings

Truckers who are hauling all day and night need to be extra careful with the diet they possess. Sometime due to lack of time, grabbing a bite of milk cookies or salad is the best option. But then again, make sure to not consume anything, which has lactose. This would result disastrous; leaving you nauseated and driving would be a constraint.

Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance:

  • Abdominal pain,Diarrhea, andFlatulence (passing gas)
  • Less common symptoms of lactose intolerance include:
  • Abdominal bloating,Abdominal distention,and Nausea

Unfortunately, these symptoms cause several gastrointestinal conditions or diseases, so if the trucker is affected by any of the above, it is not good at predicting whether the person is lactose deficiency or lactose intolerance.

Who are affected with Lactose Intolerance?

Well, millions and millions of people across the nation are affected by lactose intolerance. So it's obvious that is common. It does not affect according to race and religion you follow, not even profession, About 75% of all people around the globe have some degree of lactase deficiency. African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics, and Native Americans have lactase deficits more than other races.

Life with Lactose Intolerance:

Yes, initially truckers need to have a control on their palates, stopping themselves from trying a hand with a scoop of ice cream or even skimmed milk. Taking supplements, opting for lactose-free dairy option at your grocery store and taking vitamin and calcium seriously would avoid the symptoms of lactose intolerance. In addition, non-dairy beverages, such as soy, almond, and rice milk, are often fortified with the bone-building nutrients calcium and vitamin D.

If You or a Loved One has Lactose Intolerance, Keep These Things in Mind:

It is good to incorporate small amount of milk or dairy products with your meals as it makes digestion of lactose eaten with other foods. So truckers, instead of going with wine or fruit juices while relishing your meal, go for a cup of milk/skimmed milk to get your digestion process easier.Dairy products like cheese, cottage cheese and yogurt are easy for digestion. Truckers should keep a pack of all these in their mini-refrigerator so that they can consume anytime they feel like.Using lactose-free milk, cheese, and other dairy products in recipes will likely make the meal more pleasant.

Truckers should now get serious with regards to their health and stay safe on road. Happy Journey, Happy Trucking!

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