Stress Induced Tinnitus

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Stress Induced Tinnitus

I have often asked myself if stress, tension or apprehension causes my tinnitus symptoms to worsen. When answering this question I would undoubtedly say yes and I can relate to this especially when I have been through an extremely stressful situation such as a family bereavement. These episodes are the principal architects of stress induced tinnitus.

The passing of someone close to you or the ordeal of an eminently stressful job can conclude in anxiety and this in turn welcomes sections of the brain to stop operating as normal. The hypothalamus is part of the brain that teaches the body to perform as anticipated and when these processes stop or are impeded then it is largely diminished in its behaviour. Stress induced tinnitus episodes are common at these times.

The hypothalamus has an essential part to play as it regulates the autonomic nervous system and other important parts of the bodies working systems, for example the pituitary gland and this controls the endocrine organs. If the hypothalamus is disturbed in its function by stress or anxiety then it can result in problems with your health.

When looking at parts of the brain and what each part does you need to understand that the brains organs and the hypothalamus have important jobs and that is to create the chemicals that the body urges and needs so that we can function as normal. The hypothalamus can be hugely impaired by serious episodes of anxiety or stress, this is another example of stress induced tinnitus. The body stops releasing these chemicals into the body when this situation arises.

This situation is the body telling you to sit up and take note, the danger button has been activated and tinnitus can be one of the many symptoms. If and when this happens then you could notice your general health has deteriorated and become dangerous if you do not seek medical attention.

If you can pinpoint what exactly has caused the stress induced tinnitus then you are one step closer to correcting it. The hypothalamus can be forced into operating normally again but if you leave it damaged for too long then it may never work at 100% again and in fact work at a reduced rate. It may take a specialist to formulate a plan in order to get this operating again and for the organs of the brain to secrete the chemicals it needs so that it can work as it should.

The noises associated with tinnitus such as the ringing, whistling or buzzing can lessen if you can bring your stress levels down and the brain releases these necessary chemicals and traces as these are the bodies defense mechanism to tackle stress. This is why it is essential to teach yourself how to deal with stress.

When the hypothalamus and the organs linked with it start to work as they should then the body performs in a definitive way to those trace and chemical elements. The end result is often a huge decrease in stress and anxiety and a decline in your tinnitus.

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