Stapedectomy – Post Operative Specifics

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Stapedectomy – Post Operative Specifics

Stapedectomy is the method employed to restore an individual's hearing ability. This is an operative method where a small inner bone of the ear is replaced with an artificial prosthesis. The middle ear bone called the stirrup is replaced with the tissue graft methodology so that the individual can hear without difficulty. Complications are very uncommon but it may be required for the patient to make follow-up visits with the doctor for clearing of the crusts from the site of surgery.

The patient will be given medications and antibiotics. However, complete recovery may take about 6 weeks when the patient can be free form the symptoms and discomfort.

Since the ear is also a centre for body balance it is advised that for at least a day post Stapedectomy surgery, the individual must rest at home. Driving, working, walking, and such activities should be avoided. Your body coordination will remain affected for at least 24 hours and hence, one must be careful keeping this point in mind.

Even small actions like sneezing or blowing your nose can cause trouble!

In a completely inevitable situation, try finding relief by keeping your mouth open. In words, you can sneeze or cough with your mouth open to avoid pressure on you're the regions operated upon.

From the hygiene point of view, you can bath and wash your face but do not let water enter your ear region. If your care giver asks you to do so or uses water for medical purposes, it is alright. But besides that, at all times it's important to keep your ears protected with a cotton swab or petroleum jelly to avoid any type of damage.

A packaging may be kept in the ear as a protective shelter. This must not be disturbed while changing the cotton saw. Medications prescribed by the doctor should be strictly used to avoid infections. Generally, ear drops prescribed are effective in treatment.

After the Stapedectomy procedure, it is possible that you might hear some clicking sounds or experience disbranches in your auditory chamber. But these will heal with time. Some other symptoms may include draining of liquid from the channel along with swelling of tissues in the ear. Doctors online, medical websites, and online medical platforms are important for gaining knowledge about various methods and practices that must be followed post-operation. Although there are no serious concerns, the general apprehensions associated with any surgical process hold true even here and hence care must be taken.

A stapedectomy is a surgical procedure of the middle ear performed to improve hearing. Find out about Stapedectomy surgery and other doctors online from our website.

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