Simple But Effective Hearing Treatments For Hearing Loss

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People don't ever think that they will ever lose their sense of hearing. Sadly, the majority of people, as they grow old and age will likely lose their sense of hearing little by little or even completely for some. The number one priority then is to educate people what causes hearing loss and how it can treated once you have it.

Among babies, hearing loss is the most common birth defect as 3 in every 1,000 babies are said to have it. It also doesn't matter how old you are as both children and adults are susceptible to losing their hearing. Common causes of hearing loss are genetics, hearing loss, being sick and drinking medication.

A common cause of loss of hearing comes in the form of very loud environmental noise surrounding a person. Construction sites or demolitions that uses hammers, drills, jackhammers all are examples of things that produce very loud noises. On a smaller scale, turning on the car stereo extremely loud can also lead to hearing impairment.

There are a variety of methods to treat or adapt to hearing impairment and the use of hearing aids is one of these. There is also no shortage in the kinds of hearing aids available as there are at the least 10 different classifications. One common objective of hearing aids is to collect then magnify and amplify the surrounding sound to the user.

The classifications of hearing aids depends on where the tiny device is worn by the user. Hearing aids worn behind the ear are called BTE and these are made up of a case, a tube and ear molds. The BTE's main advantage is that the whole device is not worn inside and cannot be affected by moisture or even earwax.

The cochlear is a very important part of the ear and one solution specialist are now prescribing to patients is getting a cochlear implant. The bionic ear is implanted underneath the scalp area just behind the ear of the person. In easiest terms, the implant works by picking up sound and speech, then converts these into impulses which are transmitted to the nerves by electrodes.

Cochlear implants are made of a microphone, speech processor, transmitter, converter and electrodes. Cochlear implants are for the average person, extremely expensive and will cost an arm and a leg. A person's hearing history, health and other issues need to be checked as well to see if the person is qualified for such an operation.

Scientist and medical professionals are waiting for a new form of hearing treatment called gene therapy. A person doesn't have to worry about bulky hearing aids anymore, as gene therapy may one day allow people to grow new body parts. Being years away, a person cannot yet hope that gene therapy is the answer to their problems.

Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to hearing impairment but sometimes there is nothing a person can do but live with hearing treatments. Only a doctor can know for sure which type of hearing treatment available is best applicable for you. No time is better than today to start taking care of your hearing.

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