Role of a Nasal Balloon to Treat Glue in Ear

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Children are fragile and less immunative. Their body hardly has the capacity to fight back cold cough and flu. Due to lack of immunity children face glue in ear. Children are much more predisposed to glue ear because “the Eustachian tube — which is the tube that joins the ear to the back of the nasal line- gets congested,” mainly during a sinus infection, sensitivity or even pollution-linked swelling.Continuous cold and infection leads to thick congestion which is the fluid congestion inside the ear where the Eustachian tube is all blocked. Right now, managements such as antihistamineshave unwanted effects.

What is glue ear- Congestion of the Eustachian tube that gets congested with glue like thick substance inside the middle ear.

Role of a Nasal Balloon-Amidst many treatment procedures the balloon treatment is more popularand one can have normal middle-ear pressure at one month. “Auto inflation is anunpretentious, low-cost method that can be trained to young children in a primary-care setting with a sensibleanticipation of amenability,” Researchers believe that the treatment should be used more extensively in children over age 4. Children under age of 4 should be given anti-biotics and more soothing care. While auto inflation offers a non-invasive opportunity in some circumstances, in severe cases, a medical procedure is offered to cut a hole in the ear drum in order to let the fluid drain comfortably. Let's take a look at the performance of nasal balloon in recent years for treating glue ear.

Nasal balloon devices have been around for eras to treat the condition, called otitis media with effusion, or glue ear. But lacked evidence in times, but according to a fresh trial children aged from 4 to 11 cleared the fluid after continuous use of the balloon for three months. Around 50% of the kids said goodbye to glue ear and had a statistically noteworthy transformation in enhancement of the condition. According to Dr Ian Williamson kids using nasal balloons, slept better had less snoring and pretty less withdrawn or irritable. Many had questioned why balloons instead of ear grommets to which Dr Ian Williamson had replied that” every kid can't be send for a surgery as a non-surgical procedure is much required”.

How to Use a Nasal Balloon-The nasal device is a balloon with a small, tube likeoutlet; children can block one side of the nose and blow into the outlet through the other nostril to expand the balloon, and then change nostrils. This very procedureknown asauto inflation opens up the Eustachian tube that connects the middle ear and the back of the nose, introducing air into the middle ear and allowing the fluid to drain better. In fact, Glue ear usually resolves spontaneously within a few months, if not then the balloon treatment is offered to the patient. So, if your kid is also suffering from Glue in ear just treat him or her with non-surgical balloon procedure for a better result.

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