Reasons Of Inner Ear Infection & Dizziness

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Now and then we all face ear related infection. Nevertheless inner ear infections are the most irritating of all and it is often caused by bacteria or viruses. It could result in severe discomfort that compels a person to seek medical assistance at once. Actually one must know causes behind the inner ear . It could be due to cold & Flu, chest congestion, throat infection or due to Otitis interna. Normally the hearing organ is divided into three parts Outer, middle and inner part. The inner ear contains tiny hairs and fluid that perform as sensors which perceive movement and magnitude. When any of the signals malfunctions one may experience lightheadedness. The inner auricle infection causes unbearable and severe dizziness which leads to balance disarray. The inner ear is responsible for the complete body's balance, so infection inside it causes dizziness that off balances any person along with tinnitus. Today's article is going to be more informative regarding ear infection and dizziness.

So have you ever felt this way? Well if you did, then let's have a clear look into the many causes that are also responsible for the cause of dizziness.

Vertigo results out of sudden change inside the internal auricle. Any kinds of movement causes sharp discomfort, nausea, balance problems. Vertigo happens out of causes like Meniere's disease, Labyrinthitis, Migraine, etc. The labyrinth is a fragile formation deep within the hearing organ which gets inflamed due to infection. The labyrinth is a jumble of fluid-filled channels that control both audible range and stability. The Meniere's disease involves the unwarranted buildup of fluid inside the ear. It could be known with many episodes of vertigo enduring for several hours, accompanied by unpredictable hearing loss, feeling of fullness and ringing of the ear. Besides Neurological problems like brain hemorrhage or a heart stroke could be the cause of lightheadedness itself. High Blood pressure, arrhythmia, medications, knee problem, low blood sugar, anxiety pangs, low iron levels, heat stroke, head injury, Low cerebral spinal fluid, Malfunction in the gall bladder, Food poisoning could be the other causes of unsteadiness.

Inner ear dizziness affects people of all ages, race and country irrespective of gender. It is the most common reason why patients visit doctors for. Statistics reveal that millions and millions of people go through from inner ear giddiness every year. It is predictable that for around five percent of people will face the problem more than three months duration. The ear infection and dizziness requires systematic treatment which will provide much relief to the patients globally.

Jenny Mathews is an author with wide in depth knowledge about inner ear infection and Inner ear dizziness . Her intelligent view about the various causes of the above symptoms is quite pivotal for any reader.

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