Precautions to Maintain For Tattooing in Winters

After tattooing, you need to take into consideration some after care procedures in order to ensure that you will have a problem free experience all throughout. The selection of season is one such essential consideration that you need to give serious attention to. It is highly recommended by the professionals who make tattoo designs for men in reputed tattoo parlors in Kolkata that you must ink your body during winters for getting rewarding results. There are few other precautionary measures too that needs to be maintained when tattooing during winters.

  • Remove bandage appropriately

The tattoo artist will cover your scar with a bandage immediately after you leave the parlor after getting inked. This is actually a safety measure that prevents the scar from coming into contact with infections. During winters, when the air becomes heavy with smog and suspended impurities you need to be extra careful. Make it a point to remove the bandage only after three to four hours have elapsed. Never pull off the bandage earlier than the recommended time out of curiosity, or else you might end up calling for unprecedented situations.

  • Water washing regime

After you have removed the bandage, you need to wash the area thoroughly. Thus, gradually pour lukewarm water over the tattoo for two to three minutes, and follow it up with cold water wash for next three to four minutes. When you are through with the process, use a clean and soft tissue to pat dry the area. A serious warning here is that you must never rub the scar in an attempt to dry it, or else the scar can become a lethally infectious wound.

  • Use healing ointment

Application of a healing ointment is extremely essential for hastening the healing process of the scar so that you can confidently flaunt your tattoo. For this, you need to select a medicated ointment that you have to apply in the form of a thin layer over the scar. In case you do not know which ointment needs to be chosen, you can always consult your tattoo artist or a professional dermatologist.

  • Be careful with scab

Formation of scabs is quite normal after you get yourself tattooed. Rather, it is better to say that appearance of scabs over the scarred area indicate that the wound is healing properly. In such a situation, you need to be very careful to ensure that the scabs do not get rubbed or bruised. Moreover, you must not prick, rub or scratch the scabs intentionally too as this will delay the healing process of the wound. Rather, leave them as it is and allow them to dry in natural air if you wish to get rewarding results after tattooing.

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