Possible Cure of Ringing of Ears

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Possible Cure of Ringing of Ears

Really!? Is there a possibility that the disabling ringing of the ears can be cured?


The first crucial and secret step in curing of the ringing of the ears is to pin down the cause of tinnitus. There can be so many causes of tinnitus and you would need a very thorough laboratory examination.

A specialist doctor gives you a list of laboratory examination that can help you and the doctor pin down the possible cause of tinnitus. This step is the start of process of hunting down the culprit of your tinnitus problem.

Once the culprit is identified then the treatment of tinnitus is on it way. Your healing would be in your medications, with your doctor's help and in your hands. If the cause is identified then the specific cause is then treated and answered by.

Severe anxiety or depression is one of the common causes of tinnitus. It is the subjective kind of tinnitus in which only the sufferer can hear the ringing sound and no one else. If the cause is depression or anxiety; then treatment then is to treat the anxiety and depression for tinnitus for it to go away too. Tinnitus in this case is not a disease but a symptom of depression or anxiety. Heart problems can also cause tinnitus if not on a permanent basis but of temporary basis. Once the heart problem is healed the tinnitus is also healed.

Another reason for tinnitus is age-related. As you get older the inner nerves of the inner ears might also dysfunction due to advanced age and may lead to hearing loss. Then the use of hearing aid may help in alleviating this ringing of ears sound.

Acoustic neuroma is also another cause of tinnitus. It is a non cancerous tumor that grows in the auditory nerve. Radiotherapy and surgical removal can be a common treatment for acoustic neuroma or otherwise known as vestibular schwannoma.

There are other several causes of tinnitus and thus identifying them is the first step for treatment.

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