Overcome Autumn Allergies

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Overcome Autumn Allergies

Autumn has almost arrived, and you again feel bad. That is because you start sneezing and sniffling. The return of cool climate makes you feel miserable. What is actually wrong with your body? You may be suffering from allergic rhinitis due to exposure to pollen. Probably, you need to check with your immune system. Poor immune system is what making you catch allergy frequently. Your body is unable to fight off the allergens due to sensitive immune system.

Your symptoms aggravate in autumn and that is because of the mild spores that are scattered in the air. Here are some of the important steps that can help you cope with allergies this autumn.

Identify your allergy triggers

Knowing what causes allergy can help you stay away from catching hay fever. If pollen is your problem, you should avoid exposure to pollen in order to prevent allergic reaction. You can wear a protective mask or try to stay indoors when moulds or pollen secrete in heavy vegetation.

Protect yourself

Proper ventilation helps in preventing mould growth. Regularly clean your household items, bathrooms, bed sheets, clothes, furniture, etc. Be careful when it comes to recycling storage items. Have fewer plants outside your house.

Strengthen your immune system

This you can do by eating healthy foods and exercise. Strong immune system helps combat allergens, thereby preventing allergies. You can go for supplements that are useful in improving your immunity.

Get appropriate treatment

Consult your GP if you experience frequent sneezing, nasal congestion, nasal discharge, fever and headache. He or she may recommend you over-the-counter allergy medicines such as antihistamines or decongestants. In severe cases, you may require steroidal therapy, which reduces inflammation and irritation.

Antihistamines work by stopping the production of histamine, while decongestants work by reducing the swelling of blood vessels.

Nasal irrigation with normal saline is another good option to prevent allergic rhinitis. Warm water bath, herbal teas or soups and steam inhalation are also helpful in treating and preventing autumn allergies.

If you fail to experience improvement with proper home care, consult your GP. Although there are many OTC medicines available for treating allergy, it is better to talk to your doctor before using any. However, the best way of prevention is identifying and avoiding the allergen.

Darroch Moores is a passionate health content writer. He likes to share health information with people through his articles. He writes mainly on allergy , upset stomach, and other general topics.

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