Oticon Intiga The World’s Smallest Fully Wireless Hearing Solution

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The last thing you want people noticing is your hearing aid. Many hearing aids on the market now are considerably smaller than years ago and are designed to blend with flesh tone or are made of a clear plastic and some are so small they fit right into the ear canal where they can't be noticed unless the wearer points them out.

With many medical advancements and scientific technology in use, wireless hearing aids are becoming very popular. They offer the best in sound sifting, background noise silencing, and work with the brain's natural ability to understand vocal sounds and cues. Oticon Intiga, a new product from Oticon, is the most advanced and smallest hearing aid available on the market. Once installed in the ear, no one can tell it's even there, unless you choose to go with an unsual fashion color for the receiver.

Oticon Intiga offers the fashion colors because its wireless capabilities allow for the users to tap into the multiple wireless Bluetooth devices the world has to offer, much like a wireless headset. It's compatible in this way with TV's, wireless phones, computers, and much more. Oticon Intiga takes the hearing aid to a new level by transforming it into the world's smallest multipurpose, multiuse headset, and by choosing a fashion color other people will think that that is exactly what it is. However, for the more discreet consumer, natural colors are still available.

More importantly, the inner ear domes and molds offer comfortable choices because not every ear and ear canal is the same. Gone are the days when constant readjustment and fittings are needed to get it right without irritation. If you already have hearing aids and are upgrading to the Oticon Intiga, and already know or have a preference for an ear dome or mold, your hearing specialist will be able to order it for you.

The over the ear connecting grip comes in five sizes to aid in finding the most comfortable fit possible for the wearer and are interchangeable between left and right ears, although not everyone has perfectly matched ears, and they will be clearly marked for you when you are fitted. The left and right ear receivers will also be adequately marked to avoid confusion.

The wireless functions of the Oticon Intiga are controlled by a tiny microchip in the receiver. The owner can program the correct decibel levels and features with a cord or wirelessly through the Genie software program. It is likely that your hearing specialist will do this for you initially to make sure your hearing aids are properly and adequately programmed and adjusted to your needs.

If you should need to learn how to do this yourself, your hearing specialist can walk you through the programming or Oticon has pamphlets and tutorials to assist you.

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