Numbing Cream For Tattoo Body Piercing And Waxing

You can use numbing creams in a variety of ways for many purposes. Most of the people do use numbing creams to reduce pain or discomfort.


There are numbing creams on the market used to reduce pain while getting a tattoo. The problem with these creams is that you must apply those 30 minutes before getting the tattoo, and they last from 30 to 40 minutes. If you plan to get a large tattoo, the second hour will be painful as the numbing cream wears off.

Body Piercing

The same kinds of numbing creams are actually a great solution for body piercing, which can be quite painful if you have a low tolerance for pain. Even though these creams only last a short while, body piercing is a quick process when performed by a skilled technician.

Hair Removal/Waxing

Hair removal can be incredibly painful. It may be important to use a prescription numbing cream just to make the process bearable. At the time of laser hair removal, the technician burns the hair to the root, which can be as painful as waxing. It depends on the area being treated; laser hair removal can take much longer and require frequent reapplication of numbing cream. We all love body piercings and decorating them with hip body jewelry of all forms and colors but what stops most of us from actually going ahead and getting our tongue, navel, eyebrow or nose pierced is the fear of pain. Frowning parents and troubles at work can be handled but the pain factor seems to scare most of us. There is a solution numbing cream for piercings. Dr. Numb is a premium painkiller that contains pure Prilocaine & Lidocaine and the only water based application for numbing today. The cream is easy to apply and doesn't stain your clothes. It dramatically reduces the needle pain during piercing laser treatments, and tattooing. That is why it is very popular with cosmetic and tattoo professionals all across the globe. It finds wide usage in tattoo parlors, piercing shops, laser clinics and pediatricians. There it is used to lessen their client's or patient's pain.

Many doctors or chemist use the product to reduce unnecessary pain that can occur while injecting syringe for a blood test and during vaccinations and annulations. The product temporarily blocks the path that carries pain signals near the nerves. It does so by obstructing the sodium that transfer pain signals to the nerve ending and make you feel pain.
It is the smartest way to get your cosmetic or surgical treatments done without any pain. The best part of the product is that it doesn't have any adverse effects on your skin. Dr. Numb is completely medically tested and safe. It is the top selling product in its category that really does the job for you. So, there is no need to worry about the pain associated with piercings, waxing and tattoos, as numbing cream is a solution to all of them. And it is of course a product with no side effects and harm.

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