Music Is Not The Main Culprit

People put the accent either on the first syllable or on the second syllable with a long I. It's a never ending buzzing annoyance inside a person's head that it is more appropriately called misery. A continuous clanging or murmuring inside your head not secondary to any external cause is called tinnitus.

People suffering from it describe the sounds several different ways. Some will call the sounds ringing or roaring but what I hear is like a hair drier bustling. There is a person with tinnitus that I know whose description of the sound is like that of Japan's bullet train and it happens with head congestion.

All of us are praying that somewhere researchers are this very minute striving to find treatment or a cure. As we wait, more and more sufferers start to give up and decide to end their lives. Through his years of practice, a Huntingdon audiologist has heard of three suicide cases by his own patients.

The concerning part according to the audiologist is that young people are damaging their ears by feeding them with loud rock sounds. I do not think it is the music per se. Just hit the right volume and you can catch it even with ballad songs.

I was partying in a low ceilinged ballroom one time and someone caught me with cotton in my ears. This had marked the start of the mind blowing sounds and I sought help from a doctor for medication. He gave me the most awful tasting pill and that is that I will be having tinnitus all my life. Kids should listen to the grownups when it comes to the sounds they listen to because this is not a joke. It is hard to imagine the noise levels they allow to enter their ears.

Hearing loss will not be apparent in the younger years but faulty listening habits will haunt you as you grow old. A big weight of the hearing quality of older people may be attributed to their listening habits as young people, the scientists say. Six out of 10 college freshmen came out hearing compromised and the condition points to loud music as the main contributor.

Newborn babies appear to be especially nonresistant to inner ear damage from blatant sounds and are really prone to suffer resultant brain cell loss. Loud low frequency sounds such as uncovered jet engines and chain saws are prohibited for newborns, according to him. Noisy toys have been a point of caution of Swedish Researchers as a hearing hazard. A study found out that squeaky rubber squeeze toys can be as loud as a chain saw when placed near the ear.

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