Mold More Serious Than It Seems

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Mold is driving everybody up the wall. This winter, mold is on its way to do lots of damages to both your home and health. They are tiny organisms or fungus that decompose dead organic materials, such as plants, leaves, wood etc…. Very often invisible to the naked eyes, they only appear when their concentration in number increases. For such organisms to grow, it needs some pre-requisite conditions namely, a food source, oxygen, water and a certain level of temperature/humidity. Mold can be found everywhere both indoor and outdoor. They enter our home through various ways, for instance through our door ways, air conditioning systems, by attaching itself to your personal belongings (clothes, shoes) etc…

Mold is injurious to both our home and wellbeing. Such an organism in general is not so harmful to most individuals, but things can get really complicated with time. Allergic reactions to mold do not occur suddenly. However, with increasing exposure to mold; you can develop certain sensitivity to it. People with health problems such as asthma, organs problems (those who had transplants), and other respiratory diseases tend to suffer the most from those fungus. Apart from those pathologies, mold allergies can also take the form of nasal & sinus congestion, cough/sore throat, chest tightness, dyspnea (breathing difficulty), headache, skin & eye irritation etc…

Mold not only adversely affects our health, but it also makes our living habitat very filthy. It's always very unpleasant to see mold in every corner of our home. They very often take the form of green or black patches popping up everywhere, on your walls, furniture, carpets etc… Apart from those black and green sceneries, mold also gives rise to bad odors. Those bad odors or musty smell are the result of a huge concentration of fungus producing some foul gases, which ultimately spreads everywhere. Besides, once such an odor has settled itself in your home, it is very difficult to get rid of such a musty scent.

Following the problem of bad smell, mold can also trigger a massive invasion of insects who like moisture/humidity or which feed on mold. For instance, many people have noticed a direct relationship between mold and bugs. In other words, wherever mold is the on rise; so is the number of bugs running free around. Besides, this relationship completely makes sense, as both bugs & mold prefer warm and high humidity areas. It should also be pointed out, that one of the food source of bugs is none other than mold. Such a high concentration of bugs are normally found in kitchens and more specifically in basements.

Mold are very resistant creatures and getting rid of them can be quite difficult. However, there exists various ways that can relieve you from that problem. First and foremost, it is very important to identify the source of the problem and from there remedies or certain actions will follow. For example, if you are seeing mold on your walls, it is probably due to a leakage problem. Thus, by proper addressing to this issue (leakage), you can limit or put a full stop to mold. It has also been seen that mold likes humidity and by getting hold of this element, mold will soon be history. For instance, humidity level in the house can be controlled through a good dehumidifier (see more or by making provision for a proper ventilation system.

Getting rid of that musty smell is also “Easily Said than Done”. In such cases, a powerful air purifier can just make wonders and helps you get over that bad odor. Besides, there are certain air purifiers on the market which are specifically equipped with special filters that can trap mold spores; leading to a healthier environment. Additionally, if the bad scent continues to float, you can also make use of aroma diffusers, scented candles etc… to cover up the smell.

Mold are very annoying organisms and dealing with them is not always so easy. However, with certain products and by getting hold of those factors causing mold (humidity, water etc…), you can keep them at bay and make the most of a better lifestyle.

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