Microtia Ear Reconstruction in Houston

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Ear reconstruction for microtia repair is offered in Houston for patients who need to restore the natural shape and size of congenitally malformed ears. The correction of the birth defect is undertaken by craniofacial plastic surgeons with extensive knowledge and experience in this procedure. The surgery would not only set right the external appearance of the ears, but also solve the problem of impaired hearing.

Ear Reconstruction using Rib Cartilage and Skin Graft

Ear reconstruction using rib cartilage is relied upon and trusted by specialists as it involves minimal risk and complications when compared to alternative procedures such as ear implants or prosthetics. The surgery is recommended for patients between the ages of 5 and 7 as the ribs are sufficiently developed at this time, and the cartilage can be safely extracted for the ear's framework.

The plastic surgeon will first focus on the reconstruction of the outer ear before correcting the ear canal. This would necessitate the division of the procedure into two stages. In the first stage, the rib cartilage is carved and reshaped to appear like an ear. It is then appropriately positioned underneath the skin, allowing it to take the shape of the cartilage.

The second stage of the procedure is carried out after the ear has healed completely. This generally takes about 4 months' time after which the plastic surgeon gives an almost natural look to the ear by raising it from the side of the head. A small block of cartilage for support and skin graft is used during the procedure.

Microtia Offered by Premier Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery Centers

Ear reconstruction for microtia is a complex procedure and is carried out in some of the premier plastic and craniofacial surgery centers here in Houston. Skilled and experienced plastic surgeons carry out the procedure giving due importance to patients' safety, comfort and privacy. All-in-all, the result-oriented procedure undertaken here has changed many lives and helped restore lost confidence and pride.

Natural Looking Ears

The correction of the congenital ear deformity takes experience and expertise on behalf of the plastic surgeon. Many patients with microtia have been able to attain natural looking ears by understanding the condition and working closely with their specialists. It is advisable to avoid using artificial material for the framework of the ear when possible to avoid certain risks of complications.

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