Meniere’s Disease – A Complete Diagnose

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This hearing fluctuation may also precede an attack which generally involves a serious vertigo (spinning), imbalance, nausea and vomiting as well as keen drop of hearing. There is a large amount of inconsistency in the duration of symptoms. Everyone with Menieres disease has some level of hearing loss in the affected ear.

A number of Menieres disease treatments can help diminish the severity and frequency of the repercussions suffered. There are no treatments for the hearing loss that occurs with Menieres disease. All of the treatments are to stop the spells of it. Some of them are:


Menieres Disease has no confirmed medical cure. Supportive therapy is put to use and an effort is made to lessen the endolymph volume by prescribing diuretics and encouraging a low salt diet. When a patient is into the initial stage of disease, he or she is treated empirically with necessary steroids, and the hearing response is measured. The diagnosis is established if the patient responds to oral steroids.


Surgical treatment is advised when a patient is harmed with unilateral Menieres disease and quality of life becomes unnatural. Approximately 20% of patients eventually go for surgery. There are certain criteria which should be met before considering the surgery. Hearing should be superior in the opposite ear and there should be no ataxia. There must be good balance function and no psychiatric illness or possible resulting gain, such as disability. Surgery is contra indicated in the treatment of Menieres disease in an only hearing ear and generally in bilateral disease.


Menieres disease is at first treated step by step with a salt restriction diet and diuretics. Patients are asked to keep up the intake of about 3gms per day of salt. The exact number does not seem to be as a key as is maintaining a steady level of intake from day to day. A diuretic is usually prescribed. Seventy five percent of all patients that are treated predictably have a significant decrease in the affects.


This is a technique where small air pump that delivers slow puffs of air as against the eardrum. The patient is advised to use the device three to four times a day in treatments that last about five minutes. In the process, a ventilation tube is inserted through the eardrum and maintained so that the pressure waves can act on the inner ear during treatment. The device has seen some success and popularity in many countries.

A perfect diagnosis of Menieres diseas e can be made mainly based on detailed patient history. Contact us at [email protected] or visit our website and get to the core of disease.

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