Mehndi And Its Prices

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There are facial piercings that adorn the face and other so-called bodily decorating specific areas of anatomy.Do your body a work of art. Our shop has a collection rich in styles. The models proposed here, modern and traditional version, revolve around many types and categories of body piercing ornaments.The location of piercings resulted tribes ancient traditions but also those of today, very current. Your piercing inserted under your skin or cartilage reappears on the surface of your skin to show the jewelry you have chosen. The reasons for the piercings today still show symbols. These jewels after the times and trends are experiencing a real hit with everyone, young and old. They are also the “little more” fashion.

The facial piercings, facial coquetry

The facial piercings: – Piercing the ear lobe and in all areas of the external ear conch-internal projection of the ear cartilage helix-gutters that are shaping the external perimeter of the ear and tragus-antitragus-projections triangular close to the ear canal.Our range of popular spiral patterns, which are also suitable to the navel, lies regularly to suit all tastes. – Piercing the nose, the septum-central partition of the nose and the bridge-between the eyes. Catch the trend by choosing a retail-piercing jewelry that stands out (flowers, fish, cross …). – Piercing the mouth parts – tongue-groove on the central and the lip, labret, lip and under the lower lip, Madonna, above the upper lip.Fly a piercing above the lip, just to the side, is the most beautiful effect. – Piercing to the brow bone – just as chic, circular, horseshoe, with balls, twist.How about a pendant, or even a butterfly?

Body piercings, jewelry-body par excellence

Body piercings are revealed for your viewing pleasure: – Piercing the nipples, the flat area of the skin. The chain moves to the rhythm of movements. Our models “articulated” are attractive ornaments that stand out for example by rhinestones, symbols and other accessories. – Navel piercing, its circular area to get as close. Our shop has over 300 models, with ball screw clasps, ear clips and interchangeable cones for decorations very original.

We keep our commitments to quality products delivered in a timely manner with a very neat and original packaging for piercing rhinestones. For special orders or a simple question, feel free to contact us.

Angela Peterson is Fashion and Arts Designer. She makes different designs of mehndi at hands and feet of men and women. Her designs are most popular and entertaining among all ages.

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