Many Americans Today Show Hearing Loss Problems

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A wife would be out complaining about how her dear husband won't ever listen to her and seems to listen to his radio or newspaper more, and this is a fairly common complaint among the wives of today. Perhaps, though, Dad should have the benefit of the doubt. Who knows, his wife's call to let the dog in, Maybe he really didn't hear that call to help set the table or take out the trash or let in the dog. But then there is a survey that has been accomplished a couple decades ago showing that 14.5 million Americans suffer from loss of hearing which really deters their ability to understand conversations and to function vocationally and socially. And according to the US Department of Health Education and Welfare, from ages 17 to 44 hearing impairments top the list of chronic health problems in the U.S., with men more frequently afflicted than women. The answer is today's transistor-like hearing aid, which is certainly a far cry from those ear trumpets used way back.

It was shocking how over seventy per cent of Americans who buy hearing aids do so without the benefit of a prior professional evaluation by an independent medical specialist, otologist, a doctor trained in the science of the ear and its diseases, audiologist, a certified hearing specialist, or both was revealed in one of the latest research studies released. A man boldly shares his case and he is working in New York, for one of its newspapers.

Being a middle aged man, he could not accept that his hearing grew worse and so he got hearing aid straight from a retailer. The hearing did not improve at all in the following years. This man sought medical attention after but it was a bit too late as the cancer there was inoperable and he only sought this help after the pain and the discharge from his ear and he regretted so. At otology clinics, patients are first fitted with an aid appropriate to the amount of hearing loss they suffer, briefed on its use and then asked to come back again in two months for a follow up session.

If the hearing aid isn't proving satisfactory we can then replace it with another one. People serving in the military or those who have retired already will get theirs free of charge. When it comes to these military people's dependents, they are just charged a part of the cost on the basis of the rank of the one that sponsored them. Noise probably accounts for more hearing loss than all other factors combined.

We find a great deal of significant sources of noise in the home through equipment from vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, garbage disposal, blenders to hair dryers. Loud rock and roll music, usual roar of traffic and snowmobile engines also lead to hearing injuries. One must know that prevention being better than cure also applies in hearing protection like noise control or wearing muffs to protect hearing is by far the best medicine especially as serious injury caused by noise can never be reversed. Loss of hearing is created by many other causes.

Loss of hearing can be caused by any of the following drug exposure, viral infections or diseases of the middle ear. If a child at the time of his birth had an injury, lacked oxygen, suffered from certain genetic diseases, prenatal exposure to a viral infection such as rubella, or exposure to a drug that damages hearing, he will most likely be hearing impaired as he grows older. Some kinds of hearing impairment may be caused by any of the following some forms of diuretics used to treat high blood pressure, a tumor on the auditory nerve, deterioration of nerves and blood vessels through aging, by viral and bacterial infections, including high doses of aspirin or perhaps, certain antibiotics.

Physicians strongly recommend early treatment of ear infections in order to prevent hearing loss. Other tips would include not flying with a cold, not to use instruments which also include cotton swabs in order to eliminate wax in the ear. If bothersome wax is found to interfere with hearing, only an otologist can be allowed remove it and the patient should not deal with it himself. But then if drugs appear to affect hearing, a doctor may change the drug or fine-tune the dosage administered to his patient. The regular physical examinations of adults include hearing tests and the adults are asked to undergo this as well.

The individuals that ingest drugs that make them prone to hearing impairment, those over the age of 65 as well as those whose careers are found within extremely noisy environments or areas must take these tests seriously. If an infant weighed less than three and a half pounds during birth, or he had birth defects involving the nose, throat or ear or perhaps he had suffered from prenatal viral infection or his parents have a history of hearing problems, then professional audio logic examinations should also be conducted on the child's first 2 months of life.

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