Making The Decision to Undergo Lasik

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Making the decision to undergo laser in-situ keratomileusis (lasik) surgery is often an easy one due to the fact that lasik surgery recovery is quite rapid and uneventful. Lasik works – and that is why so many people are opting for this option at Colorado eye care and other eye care centers around the country.

The Colorado Eye Care Center in Colorado Springs not only offers top notch optometrist services, but also laser vision correction for those who are tired of wearing contacts or glasses.

The most important part of proper lasik recovery is listening to the doctor and providing yourself with proper post lasik care as instructed by your doctor. Obviously the priority for both you and your doctor should be your safety and the health of your eyes and that is why it is even more important to follow his or her post lasik care instructions. At Colorado Eye Care these instructions are given by Dr. Bro and are crucial to your lasik surgery recovery process.

Even though lasik surgery only takes about 15 minutes to do from start to finish, your lasik recovery period can last up to 6 months. Most of the time, patients see an immediate improvement in their vision post-op, but it will still take time for one's vision to become stable. Colorado Eye Care Center is great about assisting with the recovery process.

Complications with a lasik surgery are rare and most patients can return to work the very next day following the procedure. Eye straining activities like watching TV, reading a book, or using a computer should be avoided for the first 24 hours following lasik surgery. Lasik does not involve bed rest like more invasive procedures do, as lasik recovery is fairly simple. However, at Colorado Eye Care as well as any other lasik center, follow-up appointments are required to ensure that your eyes are healing properly and that there are indeed no complications.

In addition, as instructed at Colorado Eye Care Center, wear sunglasses if going outside for the first 24 hours after surgery – even if there is no sun. Take a bath in lieu of a shower for the first 24 hours post-op and don't spray water directly into your eyes for the first week following your lasik procedure. Also, don't rub your eyes and use a gentle face cloth for that critical first week. Colorado Eye Care also instructs patients to wear protective eye patches over the eyes while sleeping for the first week so that you don't unintentionally or subconsciously rub your eyes. Colorado Eye Care Center has many satisfied lasik patients who insist that following these recovery tips is vital to lasik success!

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