Lion Tattoos The Best Designs for Men

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Tattoo designs are popular since ancient times and animals are perhaps the most widely spread images for tattoos. Such tattoos are universal and understandable for everyone. Earlier people thought animals to be totems and this only added animal tattoos their popularity. And lion tattoo designs are favorite animal tattoos for men.

The main reason for lion tattoos popularity is the meaning of these designs. People often made tattoos of animals to gain some their qualities, such as power, wisdom, etc. And here lion tattoo designs are the best choice for men, because lions always were honored as kings of jungles. That's why such tattoos are believed to add power to their owners. Men make lion tattoos to represent their might and power. Such tattoo reveals a strong character of the owner and emphasizes his leadership abilities and high status.

The other reason for making a lion tattoo is its connection with courage. There was a famous film telling the story of a coward lion, who most of all wanted to become brave. And many men who want to change their attitude to life and to become more self confident and brave make lion tattoo designs. These tattoos remind them of their inner power and add courage.

Lion tattoo designs have a great history, Firstly they became popular in Africa and Asia where people saw real lions and admired them. Lions were totems of many tribes and symbols of chiefs. Lion tattoo designs symbolized high social status and could be made only by chiefs or shamans. Such tattoos were believed to give protection and to make their owners as strong as lions. Later on lion tattoos became widely spread but they still symbolize might and power and reveal a strong will of their owners.

The meaning of lion tattoos can differ depending on how a lion is depicted. If a lion looks aggressive it usually reveals the character of its owner. The snarling lion shows that a man who wears such tattoo is able and ready to defend himself. Such tattoo designs add people confidence in themselves and are extremely popular among young men.

But if the lion looks calm, the owner of such tattoo doesn't have to prove his power. He is sure in himself and such tattoo usually reveals self-confidence. Lines are highly respected animals and are named kings of jungles. That's why they are often depicted on tattoos wearing a golden crown. Such tattoo designs were made by chiefs and now they reveal that the owner is a leader and emphasize his power.

Lion tattoo designs are also associated with astrology. Men who's zodiac symbol is lion often make lion tattoo designs and their choice is not accidental. Such tattoo will help to reveal their best qualities and lion's traits of character.

Lions are often associated with king's power that's why they are present in heraldic of many countries. Lion are popular emblems and reveal strength, firmness, courage and nobility.

If you choose to make a lion tattoo design it will always look great and impressive. Lion tattoo will reveal your might and power and add you confidence.

My name is Victoria and I work in Designs Tattoo centre for already three years, making people original tattoo designs. I know thousands of different tattoo designs and their meanings. I’ve already helped a great number of people to choose individual tattoo designs and I like this job.

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