Koi Tattoo Meaning

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Nowaday Koi Tattoo are very popular with westerners because this tattoo have many history and local myth that's have many mystery inside these freshwater creatures.It's local myth surrounds in many country especially from Eastern country and other Oriental country such as Japan and China.This fish are well knowned as beautiful freshwater fish with many kind of beautiful colour.Westerners called it carp,while the Japanese called it Koi fish.Koi have many colors such as: gold,blue,white,calico.

Koi have many specimens that's very interesting by many freshwater fish collector even seawater fish collector sometimes also find some Koi fish for hobbies or breeding business.Some Koi fish are fetch a price for a thousands to millions dollar for their high values.Because of this many richs and businessman who wants to gain some high profit by breeding Koi fish,otherwise the tattoo fans wanted this fish specimen to be used as Koi tattoo model.

It's not only about beautiful and high artistic by looked in the appearance but also have mythical meaning for who have it especially to many tattoo fans.Koi tattoo is the one of many popular signs of Japanese tattoos.The beautiful form of this creature specimen have importance meaning.Koi fish are familiar both in Japan and China.You should know the origin of Koi not only come from Japan and China but also from Korea.A long time ago peasants in Seoul was perform a great competition by collecting a greatest and beautiest Koi does who win it he will get a great reward from the nobles who see it.In Japan some folk believe that Koi fish can jump the high waterfall,can run quickly by many hunters due to these fish's magical charm abilities.In China legend it's well knowned for these abilities to pass the the waterfall called the Dragon Gate located in the Yellow river,when these fish success to pass the Dragon Gate they will transform into the dragon,there was folk who seen this phenomena in ancient era.That's legend gained the popularity among the many Japanese tattoo fans mainly with Koi tattoo fans.

This Koi symbol are used by several ceremony and festivals in Japan such as Boys Day festival,that's festival perform a ceremony among Japanese masculine boys to show his courage,fearless,strong willed,never give up by bring a flag symbolized by Koi fish.This festival performed annually.Many westerner today are influenced by this amazing special fish especially in used this fish sign as Koi tattoo lifestyle by many tattoo fans.

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