If Sadigh Gallery Fraud Then How Can My Personal Mask Collection Be an Authentic

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I am having an obsession of collecting ancient masks of different territories and from various period of time. When I was a student of history I got this from my studies and after so many years I am doing the same thing as my favourite pastime. I have more than 450 masks in my collection and I prefer to gather African and Egyptian due to their exquisite expressions. I do have several expressive masks from the orient as well. Orient is always a favourite subject to me for the enriched culture and long history. A person having enough knowledge on history can never denied the value of the rich and mysterious past of these places. There are various facets that are still untouched o explore. I really thankful to my source sadigh Gallery that helps me to fill the room with so many varieties and making me proud of my collection.

I found masks as the only way to discover the mysterious world of these ancient places. The expressions they contain are just amazing and I still feel the mesmerizing surroundings of the bygone days. While I enter into my collection room I feel the shiver in my blood. Four walls of the room are decorated with a number of masks from different territories and I have tried to add an ancient theme as well.

Apart from this the concept of masks actually comes from the ancient days with ritual dancing. This is very much related with performing arts. This is the reason for which I found the masks more interesting than any other art forms. Masks can give an explicit idea of the rituals during of period of time for any specific territory. Places like Africa and Egypt using masks was very important in several stages of the ancient lifestyle. Even till today they have to wear special kind of masks to celebrate. My interest in masks lies in the fact as they help to explore various rituals from the past in terms of ancestral, ceremonial, religion, tradition, and secret societies. We can have a clear comparison between the contemporary and the ancient and specifies certain notes. Such comparison is important for studies on history and culture.

When I came to know about various write ups holding the title sadigh gallery fraud I became surprised. If the resource is fraud then my favortite room must be filled up with nothing but 450 rubbishes! That cannot happen as I still continue to collect masks and I am a regular customer of this gallery and never think of such a thing. Even I am so satisfied with their service and products that I do not feel any hurry to have a second time verification after going through the rumour.

Being associated with a profession of ancient art forms I have a number of friends who have the eye of good judge as far as such collection is concerned. Each and every time I show them the mask after purchasing it. Nobody claims such a thing that I got a fake mask. Even I direct them to this gallery and many of them are now associated with this hub of authentic artifacts. They area also as satisfied as me. Somebody may claim that we belong to the profession so this is very relevant to have an idea about the authenticity but how can a common man judge. Let me explain that this gallery is a proof of authenticity is itself as it provides a lifetime authentic certificate along with each and every product. Such authentic certificate can never be manufactured as they have sealed signature of authorized institutions.

Being associated with a profession of ancient art forms I have a number of friends who have the eye of good judge as far as such collection is concerned.  

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