How to Shop For Hearing Aids in The 21st Century?

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Hearing consumers often find high prices and wonder where they can go for better prices on solutions. In this article, we will discuss different methods and evaluate these methods.

  • Newspaper/Direct Mail “coupon” clipping – Unfortunately for most hearing healthcare customers, this is the most used method of shopping for hearing aids and often leads to purchases well above the anticipated budget. Many practices offer basic or simple instruments at prices that will drive in traffic. They do this knowing that these advertised products simply do not meet the needs of most consumers. Often, very little information is given about the details of these aids.What is the result? The prospective wearer often ends up purchasing devices at far above the cost of the aid that was advertised.
  • Ordering the cheapies in the magazines – Have you ever seen the $40 instruments a flight magazine or other publication? These amplifiers are technically not hearing aids and typically disclose that in the fine print. They are one-size-fits-all that rarely fits most people well. The acoustic technology is often very basic and simply provides a basic amplification of all sounds (noise and speech). These are fine options for those wondering what amplification might do for them, but not real substitutes for modern hearing aids
  • Ordering direct from a website – Many websites on the internet will ship hearing aids directly to consumers. This model can save customers a lot of money, but is a difficult model to use for delivery. Typically, these devices require maintenance, service and reprogramming. Having to ship your aids back and forth or find a provider on your own could be troublesome and make the overall experience a negative one. In addition, it is important that prospective buyer get the appropriate screenings to rule out possible medical issues before purchasing something.
  • Using the web to find better prices – Very few device companies will post prices, but many do. Companies like Hearing Planet and Discount Hearing Connection will post prices for consumers to see, so that they can make more informed choices. Better yet, these companies use top manufacturers and their customers get local care and service from hearing professionals.
  • Using YouTube to search for hearing aid reviews – Not sure what brand you would like? Besides looking at the manufacturer's website, you can also check out review videos on hearing aids. Want to try? Simply search in Youtube for “Widex hearing aid review”. These are often done by dispensers or audiologist and can provide a lot of useful information for the educated hearing shopper.
  • As you can see, there are many methods to for a hearing aid wearer to use when shopping for their next set of aids. Finally, using the internet to find better pricing is a reality for healthcare consumers.

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