How to Setup Tattoo Machine Frames?

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To keep your tattoo machine running smoothly it is important that you setup the tattoo machine frames properly which is often difficult without proper knowledge about the machine. In order to keep the machine running smoothly you should be able to comprehend everything about it and know how they are tuned. Moreover you will also have to regularly check the contact points, the consistent basis and ensure there is nothing interfering with its contact.

The tattoo machines basically have the same working functions like the doorbell. The mechanism inside the machine frame moves like the sewing machine and with the help of electromagnet properties. The power in the machine comes from the coil. Electric energy interchanges between negative and positive charges by means of the capacitor. After the magnetic field is activated the included armature bar starts moving up and down and this creates full circuit around the tattoo machine frame. This circuit further causes the needle to move continually up and down at high speed. The coils being mounted below the frame the above is back binding post which includes the armature bar.

  • In order to setup the tattoo machine frames you should first thread the needle through its barrel. Just put the pointed end along the back of the end of barrel and leave the loped end facing the back.
  • You then have to load the barrel into the frame. However make sure the bigger end is actually the end that is attached to the frame.
  • Now attach the loop behind the needle and connect tot eh frond edge of the machine's armature bar. It will make the needle to move in and out of the sanitary tube easily.
  • You can even use the rubber bands to hold needle back or also to keep it tightly held against the tube's rear. This will help you ensure the needle is not loose or moves around when you are working or tattooing.
  • Further, just adjust the tube down until you receive 16 or 32 inch showing the end where the needle would penetrate the skin. Moreover make sue there is not to much of too less of needle showing. When there is too little of needle showing it would not supply sufficient ink into the skin. However too much would also overdo the work or even cause a mess.
  • So after you are done with assembly, it is time to connect your tatoo machine frame to the power source. However you should make sure the foot pedal is well within reach and also that the switch power is turned on.
  • So just step on the foot switch and the machine's circuit would cause the needle to move down and up at high speed. If you find this happening, then the tattoo machine frames are setup properly. However if not, then you have probably made some mistake in either making proper connections to the power source or some installation has messed up. Try doing it again and you will surely realize the mistake.

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