How to Prevent Hearing Loss Where You Live

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It's there in the street, everyday and everywhere you pass by, even if you are the most tolerant citizen in your town. There is noise going on all around your town from the bustling traffic, construction work at building sites to if you are very unlucky the Aircraft noises going on above you. Fireworks go off every often to celebrate another event. Even movie theaters and concerts seem to register sound levels beyond what the human ear should have to take. Most of us just want to go about our day with a little less noise and because we want to keep our hearing. We go out of our way to protect ourselves and body parts for other activities like sports. But when it's to do with hearing and sound we just bite the bullet and hope we'll be ok, having to endure ringing in the ears that takes days to go away. Noise pollution is all around us but how do we protect ourselves to prevent hearing loss? Many experts feel that long periods of exposure to levels above 85dB can cause damage to our hearing. Yet we have to experience levels fluctuating between 100dB to 150dB for any outdoor entertainment showcase we attend. What's worse about this is noise induced hearing loss is hundred percent preventable. If you have concerns about your hearing you can get a MRI scan to see is there any damage to your ears already. Actions you can take to prevent hearing loss in a noisy area include:

1) Try to leave the area where the noise is coming from as soon as possible, if faced with this outside your home or office you need to monitor sound levels (there is a bye law for anti social behavior preventing noise between 11pm and 7am).Anyone who is making the obscene noise will have to answer to the authorities when reported.

2) Have some ear protection on you, such as ear plugs for help.

3) When you are attending a concert or a show, try to avoid sitting or standing near the amps where the sound is the loudest.

4) Do not be afraid to ask other person making the noise to turn the volume down. Usually conflicts like these can be solved informally without getting the official rep involved with your complaint.

5) Complain to your local authority although this is not the recommended route till you have failed negotiating informally. It is after you have tried mitigation with the noise offender and it doesn't work, call in the local official who will take the case up with the authorities for you.

6) If you think you are getting hearing loss, or tinnitus, have you hearing tested professionally. This will be a short check that might involve a MRI or other type of scan so you can find out exactly what is going on.

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