How to Distinguish Between Caffeine Allergy and Caffeine Intolerance?

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Some people have caffeine allergy and some people are suffering from intolerance. This is an important step to understand which problem you are having. There are some explicit differences which is enough to differentiate between these two. But still if you are unsure about it, then it is suggested to consult a doctor and inform him about what sort of symptoms you are getting. The caffeine allergy symptoms are severe and can be dangerous for the health. Once you have a severe reaction, immediately take some steps to reduce the severity of the reaction. The doctor can recommend for some injections or creams which is enough to provide a quick relief. On the other hand, intolerance has a very mild reaction and the symptom is usually shown in the next few hours or the next day. But allergy reaction is immediate and severe enough to negotiate.

The reason for caffeine allergy and intolerance is different as well. The allergic reaction is completely dependent on the immune system of the body. The protein in the caffeine is suspected as an invader by the immune system and it takes immediate reaction to block the substance. In the process, a chemical called histamine is produced in the body. This chemical is actually responsible for all the reaction which we call allergy. But the intolerance has no relation with the immune system of the body. Sometime some particular foods or ingredients are not digested normally. In such case, the sufferer feels pain in abdominal and start vomiting. But it is not a big thing to worry about. The intolerance is not so sensitive to cause with a trace of caffeine. It depends on the present condition of the body.

The treatment would be different for allergy and intolerance. The doctor should only be responsible to prescribe the best medicines after detecting the exact kind of problems that the sufferer has. But as a sufferer you should never wait for the medical treatment. Such treatment is only available in extreme cases when there is no more option left. If you already know that you have caffeine allergy, then you should be careful. You must not consume any foods which contain this stimulant drug. The energy and cold drinks like coca cola, soda, soft drinks, chocolate should be avoided at every stage. This is definitely a difficult task, but once you cope with such lifestyle, it is not a problem at all.

Ahmed Ishtiaque Photo When the caffeine allergy reaction arises, it is important to keep patience and not to be panic. You must try to get immediate treatment to reduce the effect of reaction.

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